Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I Am A Damn April Fool

I was caught quite twice today by the radio. One matter I cared little for, that all female competitors in Beijing's Olympic Games will compete at the end of the games, not throughout the games. I just thought, there will be protests and left it at that. Delete. (misogynistic pig that I am)

The other, a supposed leak from the Eddington Report, to make the centre lanes of St Kilda Road into a bike and tram lane only and ban cars, limiting them to only to the service road. As the morning went on, I was thinking of the impact of this. There were some pretty outraged motorists making their points. An alert person called the story into question, game over. I would really like to see St Kilda Road reinvented, but someone will lose. As I walk it, drive it, and tram and bus it, I don't want to lose anything. It would have to have a very good bike lane before I would bike it. I did a bike count recently. Average of twelve bicycles per set of lights at the corner of Toorak and St Kilda Roads. Impressive. They deserve better.

How about you? Did you caught by anything? Did you pick up on mine? You are quite entitled to use some very nasty adjectives about me. It seems only one person did. Perhaps the ones that said nothing did too.

I like the one I wrote last year better. I did not let on for a few days. Daniel got me big time in 2004. Three years later, I got him. Revenge is a dish best served cold. No one took that much notice anyway last year. I thought the incest bit would give it away, not that there is anything wrong with incest. (please lord, let no one misinterpret this. Surely everyone knows it is an attempt at mild humour)

Last year's was much less personal. This year's was just too cruel, but thank you for your tea and sympathy (of course St Kilda has broadband, you think I am stupid? ADSL, Telstra cable, Optus cable, although Optus won't do flat cable, unless that has changed) (and duh, haven't you been reading? I know Balaclava and St Kilda like the back of my hand and could write a thesis on them) . Well done this year Walker, and Ben's comment just came through. For you in the US, it was a bit unfair on you because of the date thing. Sorry Daisy Jo. Can I make it up with a big pash from afar. Now everyone, no going in and deleting your comments. I will want to remember your niceness. Besides, I have the comments emailed to me.

And just to make sure, let me assure you, I would go without the cost of internet to live here and perhaps food too.


  1. Walker12:42 am

    Heh - I never believe anything I read on April 1 (or March 31 and April 2 for that matter).

    I think you should be heartened by the oitpouring of concern from your readers (as long as they're not cursing you now!).


    PS; The best April Fool was a flying penguins doco from the BBC:

    And they even got David Attenborough to do an an intro for it:

  2. Andrew,

    I hate to break this to you but the rest of us knew about your little scheme, so we all got together and, for our own April Fool's joke, pretended we didn't.

    Apart from Sedgwick, of course, because he's not allowed to play with the rest of us since his court appearance.

  3. You bastard. The man and I spent TIME discussing how the HELL you couldn't get ADSL in St Kilda!

  4. I knew it!

    Getting rid of the partner, no ASDL, 18 squares down to 5. Too extreme.

    The more I pondered during the day, the more certain I was, but thought, 'no, wait until today, and it will all become clear'.

    You're very mean, Quentin.

  5. LMFAO
    You bugger! I was hoping it was an April Fools Day joke but you'd made a comment the week before about changing your header pic so it seemed plausible... even tho The Spouse and I couldn't figure out why the heck you couldn't get broadband lol.

  6. LMAO Andrew!

    I was fooled by my mum twice yday and I was fuming lol! Early in the morning she screamed saying 'Keshi look there's a big lizard in out living room!'...and I was just getting out of the shower, was nowhere near the living room and yet, I screamed like an idiot. And she did that twice to me *rolling eyes*


  7. And Im gonna blog abt it soon haha!


  8. You biatch, lol, said in the nicest of tones!! Well, you know, as I awoke at 4am with a raging ear infection (ouch), I thought of you and R and I was like, hey, howcome they would only have dial up there! Duh! Haha.
    I have never been gotten by April fools before you know :) I won't delete the comment :)

  9. fuuuuuuuuuck! (oh, bad language!) I forgot about the time difference!!!

    You are the only person who got me, you bad, bad, boy, and I should think up a good punishment.

  10. Anonymous1:49 pm

    I was going to suggest you would need to change your blog name to 'Low Riser' with the move. Damn I am so gullable.........

    I liked Virgin Blue's 'NoChairFare' sale on yesterday. Discounted airfares for domestic legs flying standing room only. With a free calf massage thrown in for flights over 2 hours. Would love to know how many people tried to book them.

    Thanks for the laugh.....

  11. Huh?? Me nice???

    I was only fakin it... lol


  12. I fell for it. I also wondered briefly whether our State Government's proposal to imprison the parents of truant children (announced on April 1 and mentioned in my blog) might have been an All Fools' joke too but sadly no, it was yet another indication of the Government's ineptness.

  13. FFS Andrew... Im starting to think it wasnt an April fools Thingy U JUST WANTED TO SEE HOW MANY BLOGGERS REALLY CARED ABOUT U hehehe

  14. Big smack Andrew but very funny. I had a sneaking suspicion that this was an April fools but you had mentioned thinking about moving to Kensington so I thought maybe...oh and I know you know St Kilda like the proverbial but I was putting a positive spin on it all. Ha, great joke though, well done and everyone still loves you too. Quite a feat.

  15. The penguins are very realistic Walker.

    Yeah, right Brian.

    We had cable net back in 1999 in Balaclava Jen. My only condition for moving here was that it had cable net.

    Smart lady your mum I think Keshi.

    I bet you don't think of patients at 4am Cazzie. Well, maybe you do. Sorry about the ear.

    Revenge is yours to take in a year's time Daisy Jo.

    That is funny Anon. Low Riser.

    Don't think you have ever faked it in your life Jo. Why don't you write about it.

    An extraordinary idea Victor.

    If true Robyn, I sure would not have been disappointed. Btw, nowhere in City of Port Phillip is worse than Balaclava Safeway.

    R is always wanting to move LiD. I have nailed his feet to the concrete slab now I hope. I just point out how much it costs to sell and buy nowadays.

  16. Hehe, you know what, I do think of patients sometimes when I wake up in the night, sometimes it is because of them that I do not sleep..another topic for another day I guess. Usually, it is when I haven;t been able to setttle them well before coming home from a pm shift, that upsets me because I try hard to get people pain free and resting prior to my turning the lights out.
    The ear will be ok, some anti's and decongestants are teaming up with each other to fight the bad bugs. Must say, I haven't had to have any meds for quite some time :)

  17. Bliss, I wasn't going to say anything. Eventually someone would ask why posts are going on normally. And don't call me Quentin, Shirley. (Shirley is a running joke, albeit a tired one)

    You had me already Jayne with plans for a tram along North Road. You just got the date wrong.

  18. Must have been the air in the Western part of Victoria Cazzie. Ah, you crossed into SA. That is the cause.

  19. And all, have a look at Cazzie's post on her Easter travels. The sunken garden is fabulous.

  20. Got me a right royal Rex Hunt! Hook, line and sinker. Must be slowing down in my old age, but I'll be watching out next year when you flush yourself out of the closet as a card carrying straight.