Sunday, April 06, 2008

I am alive and still moaning on

Gosh, better post something lest everyone will think I have died of an infected wound from my fall. T'was a busy weekend.

Due to me not thinking ahead well enough recently, I had to use a foreign auto teller. I don't seem to have been charged the extra fee oddly, but no mind. I think it was a National Bank machine. I use ANZ. I wanted $80 and entered as I usually do 8000. This is stupid and annoying, but that is what you enter to indicate $80. The last two zeros are the cents.

I can use auto tellers without my glasses on. They are fairly instinctive and the writing is usually just visible enough for me to get the gist. The fine detail is lost though.

There was something about the shape of what should have been $80.00 that looked wrong. Out with the glasses and it said $8000. Ew la, la. That would have bounced big time. I think that is a better idea, but regardless, it is ridiculous to have such differences.

Speaking of consistency and shapes, a brick bat to tram drivers who like to add zeros to the front of route numbers. Again, I use the shape of the number as a tram approaches. If it is a single digit, it may well be a tram I want, or I can eliminate it and continue reading. A pox on 0006. I want 6.

And while on trams, why do some drivers show unusual destinations? Normally all the Combino route 16 trams show Kew via St Kilda Beach, but then one will come along showing St Kilda Beach, then sometimes they will show Luna Park or some just Kew Cotham Rd. There should be firm policies on correct destinations and zeros in route numbers. Kew via St Kilda Beach is clearly the most useful one to show, as most drivers show.


  1. I used to work in accounts payable, and one of my colleagues had a great habit of accidentally adding zeros when processing accounts.. the auditors use to love that!! Just a pity she couldn't have done that with my pay packet!!

  2. Yes, 0064 or 0006 is pointless. When I was a kid it was all one or two digit numbers on the old trams; I could tell if it was a 3 or a 69 coming up Balaclava Road just by how many digits were showing.

  3. PS. For $80, wouldn't all ATMs happily let you press 8, 0, Enter?

  4. Must have been some very happy creditors TVAU, until the auditors arrived.

    3/69 precisely illustrating my point Daniel. The rot started with Z3 tram with auto roller blind route numbers where 0 had to be shown.

    At ANZ machines, that would be 80 cents Daniel. You must add the cents. Same with ANZ net banking. So is ANZ on its own with this cent nonsense?

  5. I don't think it was just ANZ. I've never had an ANZ account so have rarely used their machines, but I still came across ATMs asking you for the cents digits, its not like they were ever going to give you any coins. Ridiculous. But I notice now that more modern ATMs (including those generic ones at 7-11's and pokies venues) seem to have done away with the cents digits rubbish, just the dollar figure is required. So things are looking up

  6. "Out with the glasses and it said $8000."

    If I'd have made that mistake with my ATM it'd have just spat the card back out at me and told me to bugger off.

  7. I've never seen an ATM who offered us a choice of cents...........

    Like eTax, where you have to round off to the nearest dollar, they round us off to the nearest ten.

  8. Yep there's a few other bank ATMs that ask for the cents digits and I've been caught trying to withdraw a gazillion $ that don't exist lol.
    The extra 0 on the tram route numbers drives me batty! I have to wait till I can almost crawl over the vehicle with a magnifying glass before I know if it's the one I want or not.

  9. Luckily I did actually press 'enter' Brian.

    I think ANZ only do multiples of $20 and $50 Bliss.

    Yes, for anyone visually impaired, extra difficult. You must like the new retrofitted LED destinations. They are very bright and clear.

  10. Anonymous7:41 pm

    0008 annoys me unnecessarily every morning.
    And then there are the trams whose drivers haven't changed the displays over when they turned around for their return journey. It confuses a lot of tourists, apparently. :S

  11. Clearly I am not the only one annoyed Captain.