Thursday, April 10, 2008

Little Jo at nine months

The gay uncles are getting very clucky. As Madonna sang, strike a pose. Just point the camera at Little Jo, and she beams. Nine months old now. How quickly the time has gone. I was between Jo and sister's cat, whose tail she was about to tug, and R was giving her a bath. She is finally getting some more hair. No comments needed on how gorgeous she is. I know.

We were going to bail the water out of the bath for the new lawn, but Jo kept pulling the plug out, so there was not much left. I must teach her cause and effect.

Sister's housekeeping standards are not quite up to ours.


  1. Absolutely stunning! ;)

    *bleach in a spray bottle ;)

  2. Trust me when I say dealing with a nine month old (or two) does have an impact on the time for cleaning. I can't believe what I let slip now.

  3. She's making me clucky...

  4. "We were going to bail the water out of the bath for the new lawn."

    Just stick an extension on the bottom of the'd save a lot of trouble involving buckets and stairs.

  5. Lots of little girls are the same when a camera is around. Isn't it funny how early they will do that. I'm sure it wore off quite early with me, I'm pretty camera shy but my daughter will knock people out of the way to get infront of the camera.

    Little Jo looks like such a happy baby and has an absolutely beautiful smile.

    I'm so happy you named her after me. lol

  6. Gorgeous child.....

  7. You could always bath her in a big bucket.

    A truly lovely little gal.

  8. Bung 'em in a room and let them bawl Tony. Clearly I would make a lousy father.

    Indeed Jayne, on both counts.

    I haven't posted the crying pics MD.

    Too hard to do there Brian. They have looked at it, but they are not intending to stay much more than a year.

    Young people do love the camera Jo. You can be honorary god parent of your namesake.

    Thanks Victor.

    They have a baby bath Bliss, but they don't use it. It is too heavy to carry with water in it to empty onto the garden.

  9. Hi Andrew

    I agree, she is a winner.



  10. What a lovely, smiling girl she is Andrew.

    I can almost remember bailing water in my bath as a child. And plastic tea cups full of leafy water being offered to the cat, straight from the paddling pool.

  11. She's, I musn't.

    The cat gets close enough for tail pulling? Not a very smart cat, is it?

  12. Thanks Pants, LiD and Daisy Jo.

    Which your cat gratefully accepted LiD, not.

    Pretty friendly cat Daisy Jo. But it does walk the long way around past her.

  13. Loved the last line most of all, but agree that she is very cute. Also agree with the bleach in a squirter bottle comment.

  14. It was a cheap bitchy throw away line Hawkeye. I shouldn't make them but I can't help myself.