Friday, April 04, 2008

The Falling Highriser

Or if you like, a nearly old person taking a fall.

I had an appointment in Malvern, near the corner of Malvern and Tooronga Roads. I could of driven, or caught a tram to town and then the train, or the tram direct. But no. Me being the person who always looks for the hardest way to do something, caught the tram to Toorak terminus and then walked down the hill to level crossing and along the railway line to Malvern.

I like cobblestone lanes. They are great for your feet when you walk on them, are often interesting and are good for your general health, so sayeth the Chinese on the last point. But this one was not good for the health, nor did it have cobblestones and it had a dog leg in it. While it wasn't really a shortcut, I took it anyway. Around the dogleg was a tree fallen over the lane and it had taken a bit of fence with it. No problem. There is a bit of a gap where the fence came down. I can slide down the tin a bit. Error.

I did not see the bit of wire at the bottom. It cut my ankle and headfirst forward, I went down, with my hands outstretched to save myself. The first thing I was worried about was who saw me. No one thankfully.

Cut ankle, bruised knee and minor damage to the left hand, but what looked like a large blister on my right hand. I went onto my appointment but during it, I noticed blood running down my hand. I successfully hid the problem and when I left I sopped up the blood with some A4 paper I had with me. Any pubic toilets around here? Nah, and the ones at the train station were locked.

I got to Flinders Street Station, bought a packet of tissues and cleaned up my hand as best I could in the toilet. I had been looking to enjoy the train trip, one that we used to take many times when we lived in East Malvern, but I was too distracted by my injury.

I did what I had to in the city, trying to hide my nasty hand wound when I paid for things, and came straight home on the tram.

I suppose the embedded gravel in the wound will work its way out. Or maybe I will need a week off work to recover.

Am I angry with myself for being careless? You betcha. While I fell over like this as a kid, it takes a lot longer to heal at my age. Anyway, I walked past some gorgeous houses today, too many to photograph. But here is one of them.


  1. Are you current on your shots?

  2. Tetanus maybe four years ago. I am thinking about going to the doc.

  3. eewwww... they hurt real bad... I had one a couple of years ago when I accidentally got stabbed with a dirty old fishing knife.

    That's a beautiful house. Imagine living in something like that...

  4. Daisy Jo, a late night comment. I was looking for sympathy and someone to mop up the tears when a boy skun his knee, not practical advice.

  5. Stabbed with an old fishing knife! I am not gonna ask Jo.

    We can dream that we live in a house that we were meant to live in. Trust me, it is nicer than my photo captured. It must belong to a pollie who has a Canberra pad too.

  6. "...and it had a dog leg in it."

    Sounds like a rough neighbourhood. I take the poor animal caught its paw between the cobbles and had to gnaw off its own foot to escape?

    You wouldn't like it round our end Andrew. It's all cobbled round here. And not those weedy modern cobbles either...these are the eight foot long, countersunk Victorian cobbles that are all icy and deadly in the winter (i.e. between January one year and December the next) but come in handy for standing marble busts on if you manage to pry one out of the street.

  7. You should be covered with your 4 yr old tetanus shot but check with your doctor;the studies say 10 yrs coverage.
    Bathe the cut in hydrogen peroxide, that'll pretty much kill any nasties lurking about ;)
    Stunning house and those laneways are great! Little "yellow brick roads" to explore ;)

  8. Oh gosh! I always hate falling over but this sounds particularly nasty. I hope you didn't infect it with anything in those disgusting flinders street toilets!

  9. Ours are bluestone, very solid Brian. A bit less than a foot by maybe five inches.

    I was careful not to touch anything Rosanna. They are not nice.

  10. Thanks for the info Jayne.

  11. Ouch! I hope you are recovering well Andrew. I love the old lanes too but I shall take this post as an instructional tale on the care that must be taken with them. Sounds very nasty.

  12. LiD, I do tend to watch my feet when walking in the rougher ones.

  13. Andrew, do as I have done and open up a deviantART account to put all your shots on the public domain. I have one - with some hundred odd shots of suburbia, transport, cats etc

    Have a look if you so please:

  14. Had a quick look. We linger longer later. Why is it so much better than Flickr or Photobucket?

  15. I'm sorry Andrew; it's rusty maternal instincts.

    Be careful, won't you? I hate it when bad things happen to you.

    (See, I can't do it. Even when I try, it sounds weird.)

  16. Aww no, you did ok DJ.