Monday, April 07, 2008

Dame M Swearing

I never really heard Dame M swear. She would say bugger or bloody, but always strictly in context. She had a wonderful way of saying bugger, very guttural and used to great effect.

She could tolerate swearing without batting an eyelid.

One area where one had to tread carefully was sex. Given she was a white middle class female born in 1925 and a product of her upbringing, it is not surprising.

During her wild times over the years, she gave us the impression that she was an observer of such matters and not a participant. She may well have been or not.

On a one to one level with me, she was pretty good and I had some very honest chats with her about sex, lies and the whole damn thing, however, if The Boarder thought I was venturing too far in public, he would say Thank You, in a certain way that I knew to shut up, regardless of me thinking that I knew how far to go.

When I took her to hospital a few days before she died, she told me one of the Mountain Women had given her a sponge bath, but that was only because she wanted to see my fanny. (Daisy Jo, it means a different thing in Oz) Oh, Dame M, you don't normally say stuff like that.

One occasion where she did let free a bit was when our dyke friend told us all about her experience of having a Brazillian (a wax down under) and we asked Dame M if she thought she should have one, and she said it would not work on her saggy old bits.

Dame M pretended she was above sex, but I don't really think she was.

(Written on the 26/03, but not published as I did not like the post. I have a few of those, a back up and have to do something with them)


  1. Anonymous11:11 pm

    She was obviously an old school lady and a lady of her times. I love discretion.

  2. "A girl should always keep herself nice" was probably drummed into Dame M :)

  3. Of the old school LiD, but somewhat titillated by younger people and their frankness.

    All but once Jayne. She fell over a bit drunk coming out of Chapel off Chapel. But she had trouble seeing the step and she couldn't get any soda to weaken her wine.

  4. There are some things a lady just doesn't do; swearing is one. This is what tells me I'll never be a lady.

  5. Being as young as you are Daisy Jo, you grew up in different times. Was it Mae West who said, 'I ain't no lady'.

  6. That era of ladies just didn't talk about it!

    I remember years ago, I took my old mum to the beautiful movie 'Farinelli', which had chunks of ribald sex in it. I warned her about it beforehand and she said, "I have had five children, you know!"

    Yeah, I thought, so that's five times....

  7. Ah Bliss. We all (and as a generation) think we have invented it. I think, well, I suppose they did it, but it would have been very perfunctory.