Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A Couple of Stray Blogs

I always try so hard to never look for new blogs. Even I have my computer usage limits. I only collect new blogs from comments.

A nice one first. If you are Australian and of a certain age and watch tv, or did in the seventies especially, you WILL like this blog. Wallowing in nostalgia is marvellous. Talking Television AU. Yesterday's post was about an April Fool's joke broadcast on Adelaide tv and word of this must have come across the border because I have a vague memory of it. Perhaps it was made in Adelaide but broadcast Australia wide. (Jayne, I wrote most of this on 31/03. I am not copying, promise)

On to the next. I have been reading this one for a while now. If it is completely true, and I have little doubt that it is an accurate recollection, it is a disgusting tale of incompetence by by the hospital and staff at perhaps the best known hospital in Australia, the Sydney Royal North Shore Hospital.

I have a bit of faith in our medical system and those who work in it. But this blogger's account of her husband's death is disturbing, to say the least. You can get the bare essence of it here, and for a more detailed version see here.

I doubt it is what she wants, that is some accountability, but I suspect what she will get is a very large cheque.


  1. Therese, her family and her friends and the public all deserve to have that accountability too Andrew, right on there.

  2. Andrew thank you for your glowing review :-) I have both yours and Jayne's blogs on my RSS list, and love em both..!

    The metric time story, while I don't specifically remember that ABC one going to air, I only became aware of it while glancing some old magazines, I think that one of the Melbourne channels may have 'recycled' the gag some years later.

    (another) Andrew

  3. LOL That's ok Andrew, I don't think you did ;)

    Accountability in medicine is a must!