Tuesday, April 01, 2008

C'mon Herald Sun

The caption read "Revealing...Singer Kylie Minogue makes an appearance on NBC's Toda

Not much of a revelation really. I saved the picture and it was full size. It showed as this picture in both Firefox and IE.

I would put my money on one of those nasty active advertising intrusions.

Sloppy work.


  1. Presumably it was edited for offensive content.

  2. That is so not Kylie. It's me. And you can't prove it.


  3. I'm with Broyann Huge, that's about as much - in fact more than - I want to see of Kooylie.

    I'm more your arrested adolescent Lainie Kazan watcher. (You can get arrested for that?!? As I've always thought, the law is an ass!)

  4. The camera loves her.

  5. You are anti Australian then Brian. We are just convicts.

    Your hair colour is better than hers Daisy Jo. I know it is not you.

    Gay I may be M'lord, but I see your point. She got a brother?

    Too cruel Ben and most unpatriotic.