Monday, April 07, 2008

Booking the Holiday

Remember we are going to the UK mid year, via Singapore? We lost out a bit by not booking our flights in 2007. A few days ago I looked at the accommodation in Singapore where we thought we would stay and it had gone up. Why did no one ever say to me, the earlier you book, the better the price?

Right, better book stuffs now. Singapore accom booked, London accom booked, train to Newcastle booked. At some point, you just have to choose a place from the the huge number on offer. We will be near Paddington Station in London and on a direct line to Kings Cross Station where we will catch the train to Newcastle.

The train one is interesting. Just as an exercise, I also tried to book for tomorrow. The fare was around £50. By paying online in advance for June, the fare is £12. I wish I knew when and if we are going to Blackpool. I would do that in advance too, but then we might have a car and drive there.

A tour in Singapore we have decided to arrange at the hotel tour desk once we are there.

Next step is a tour or two when we are in London. It is not so much about money here, but the time factor. It takes time to do these things and we will only be in London for a few days.

I suppose using a travel agent takes time. You have to visit them etc. But boy this online holiday booking can take over your life. Even booking one locally like Jo has taken her a lot of time.


  1. Anonymous11:06 pm

    There must be so much choice! It isn't long now either so I imagine the trip is starting to feel real. How exciting...god, I love airports, taking off and just being on the way.

  2. Sounds like confusing fun lol.

  3. Panicingly real LiD. I hate airports and flying. I need a police phone box.

    One way to put it Jayne.

  4. "...where we will catch the train to Newcastle."

    In God's name why? Obviously you've never seen any photographs of Newcastle.

    "...we might have a car and drive there."

    Drive? From London? In Britain? This is going to be a cultural eye-opener for you Andrew, I can see that.

  5. R comes from there Brian and the three sisters live there. Two of them have been to Oz and I liked them. One has an onsite van at Hexham just out of Newcastle, where we will stay. Maybe drive from Newcastle to Blackpool or catch the train. I have already checked the train service. Via Carlisle is the quickest. Don't forget, in Oz we are used to long distances and long drives.

  6. A certain young lady I used to blog with thought nothing of driving 7 hours to Swan Hill with 3 kids recently.My broomstick doesn't go past the front gate these days :P

  7. Argh - I HATE that Andrew. I hate it when they up the price just because not everyone is super organised. Last trip, I ended up paying $600 more for booking so close to the date I left. $600 is a lot when you're a student - or when you're anyone, really!

    I'm so excited for you, though. Is all the planning wetting your appetite?

    NB: It always, always pays to book train / bus tickets advance in England. They often have 5 pound early-bird fares. By contrast, every time I commuted between Cambridge - London and brought my ticket in the morning of my travel, it would cost anywhere between 23 - 35 pounds, depending on the time of day. Ouch.

  8. "R comes from there..."

    No wonder he moved to Oz.

    "In Oz we are used to long distances and long drives."

    Add frustrating, circuitous and traffic jammed to that and you've got the British travel experience.

  9. Funny you should mention travel agents.
    We just used one over here in London to book our multi-stage journey home.
    They screwed up, quoted us one thing, booked another, then when I called back to question, they admitted fault but told us we'd still have to pay extra as the initial quote was wrong.
    After much argument, they knocked some off the price, but we still had to pay extra.
    So fuck travel agents.

    Use the Thorn Tree Forum on lonelyplanet for good real life advice or for Singapore and S.E. Asia, use -It's awesome.

  10. Yeah Jayne. I used to think nothing of very long drives. Now, ten minutes is my limit before I start feeling road rage.

    Feelings of anticipation are how I am feeling Rosanna. They are huge price differences.

    We got that too Brian.

    If agents are to survive in this online world Jiminy, they really have to do better. We started with an agent and dropped them when we realised we were doing the work online and could get it all cheaper. Travelfish is a site I have never seen. Thanks.

  11. Jayne's got it right... it's confusing fun. I've spent hours and hours online planning and booking stuff and I think it's making the lead up to it so much better, and there is not going to be much to do once we get there except enjoy it all.

    And as for driving long distances, I love it, specially if you can take the scenic route. We have such a beautiful country but don't get to see much of it too often.

    I love stopping at little towns along the way. I remember a little shop up north that was about 10 businesses in one and the owners were so friendly.

  12. I like slow drives too Jo. A nice meander along country roads.