Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Black Man and the White Girl

A lass I used to work with was a bus conductor in Sydney. You can guess her approximate age given Sydney bus conductors disappeared in the 1970s. Her St Kilda house, not far from Dame M's house, was featured in one of the home magazines after it was renovated. We are talking early 90s here. She personally was very stuck in the sixties. Think teased hair with a long fringe. Think Dusty Springfield with dark hair. Make up the same as Dusty's too.

Her husband I also knew. He was your typical whinging Pom. A thorough misery guts and a good bit older than her. Alas to someone I suppose, he died and left her in an ok position financially. I wondered if her boyfriend would bolt now that she is free, but no, it is like her husband is still alive.

She had a taste for the black. Her first long term affair was with with a Mauritian guy who I worked with. He was quite nice, although he used to fall asleep at work. Musicians ought not work day jobs. He must have had plenty of energy at some point though. I know nothing of his home life, but I assume he was married with children.

The next was an Anglo Indian, who I also work with, a bit of an Elvis Presley imitator in the Indian manner. Their affair started long before her husband died and continues to today. It must be ten years now. But he remains a married man with children.

The odd thing is, his wife must know. All his workmates know. I don't know enough of his home life to judge, but we gay peoples are supposed to understand non conventional relationships. We ask to not be judged. We cannot judge others.

Although he is about the same age as me, it just makes me feel so so old. I just don't understand. Tell me what I missed.


  1. Robyn also has a thing for black men, specially if they wear clogs lol. (the gonna kill me for writing that)

    Don't see why anyone would want the hassles, and I'm sure there would be some, of fooling around with a married person.

  2. Hmmm, black men in clogs. Velly, velly interestink.

  3. Anonymous1:14 pm

    Andrew, if they're anywhere near as delusional as I was, they're probably just hoping that they can get away with it. Our defence strategy was to deny, deny, deny. Don't know tht I could have kept it up for ten years, though.

  4. MD, you are right. Denying will never go wrong. No one can be 100% sure so long as you are denying. Clearly I ought to do some back reading of your blog.

  5. Anonymous9:35 pm

    Ah yes, tis a long and convoluted story and so surreal I sometimes wonder if it ever actually took place.

    For what it's worth, no one really believed us. But I got very good at self-denial! It's a truly twisted headspace to be in. Somehow I managed to convince myself that if no one had any concrete proof then we were safe. And even if they did, Dick was very good at spin.