Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Big Wind

Yesterday Melbourne had a big wind event. I think I can recall stronger wind, but not for a long time and maybe not in Melbourne. It caused absolute chaos. The trains pretty well failed and nothing could be done. The trams still ran, but slower with lots of delays. Some stupid old people were still out buying their daily pint of milk, but they were suffering. God save me please from being a stupid old person. We were warned about yesterday's bad weather as far back as a week ago. The warnings became stronger and stronger. Just change our name from Melbourne to New Orleans.

I just spoke to ex NT politician's Fijian Indian boyfriend on the phone. Ex pollie is delivering an evening meal and thermoses of hot water to his very old father and senile mother who have no power and have had none since yesterday. To their credit, their power company has flown in techies from Brisbane to assist in power restoration, but still, some have been without the electric for a very long time.

The worst wind I can recall would have been when I was a kid in the sixties and lived on a farm. The power used to go off quite often, but only for a matter of hours, which seems odd given the isolated location we lived in. To be without power for so long in a Melbourne suburb seems extraordinary to me. Bring back the State Electricity Commission I say. Worker padded it may have been, but it worked. The difference now is that they just throw money at the workers to make the system work, rather like my work place.

One power worker, in perhaps haste or pressure from on high, possibly made a simple mistake today and was electrocuted. I hope his family is not expecting a posthumous service to community award. Your basic worker never gets any award like that. A building worker totally squished by a falling slab of concrete. An elderly woman walking past a post office, battered to death by falling bricks.

T'was a bad day, but I don't care. Much to my surprise, I finished work on time. That is all I care about and my drive home was not so bad. Even R did not too much longer to get home from work.


  1. How terrible about those deaths and injuries. That wind arrived in Sydney today but luckily not as destructively as it was in Melbourne as far as I know.

  2. Ahhh the old SEC - who never had to stoop to blaming possums for the power blackouts that didn't happen as frequently in their day as is does now.

  3. "Yesterday Melbourne had a big wind event."

    They ought to give warning when Sedgwick's about.

  4. I heard the Melbourne International Flower Show was cancelled at 1.oopm on Wednesday after a branch and a flagpole fell. They made everyone go into the Exhibition Buildings and file out the door opposite the Museum. Imagine how long that would have taken with 100's there.

  5. Took me two hours to drive from St Kilda to Moonee Ponds!

  6. You seem to get big hailstones Victor. We get wind.

    Brian, That's So Pants, linked blogger, also used to buy stuff at Argos.

    You reckon there would be many there LiD, given the weather? I heard one old chap was hit by a tree branch.

    Awful Jen.

  7. The Captain had trouble getting through a door and up some stairs to a lecture (after being whipped with branches crossing the square.) The people who were watching laughed. Then, the Captain proceeded to take 4.5 hours to get home via train, tram, tram, bus, car. Had to set lights to high beam as suburb had no power. Then had no dinner as house had no power. Checked out fast food stores around area, which were closed. Twas a horrible Wednesday.

  8. Andrew,

    'Used to', I've no doubt, being the aperative part of that phrase.

  9. Captain, 4.5 hours must be nearly a record.

    She forsook Hackney in London for Australia Brian. I don't think it was to get away from Argos. We have our own versions of Argos.