Monday, April 28, 2008

Another one bites the dust

The bone doctor's mother's best friend's husband died last week, at the age of 47 of a sudden heart attack. Little Jo can now add to her list of life experiences before the age of one, a funeral.

Lefty ranter and an Age editorial writer Pamela Bone died last Saturday. The Age writes here and here is what I wrote like three years ago.

Vale Pamela.


  1. Vale to both of those people. I have read Pamela Bone's articles before while on break at work, most wards buy The Age Newspaper. Condolences to her family, who were so blessed to have had her in their lives.
    Like little Jo, my kids have now been to a few funerals of late.. they are beginning to learn about life and death from it... we try to teach them that this is why life is so important, to try your best and enjoy it, because we only have this one life, as far as we know.

  2. an unexpected/sudden death at less-than middle-age is a scary thing.

    The moral is
    'Keep your credit card maxed-out'.

  3. It is funny how things change Cazzie. I did not go to my first funeral until about 15.

    Such a dilemma Ann. Money for the future and old age, or drop dead while struggling financially and trying to be responsible.