Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Wall

When we first moved to Balaclava in I think 1992 there was pretty well no where to buy a decent cup of coffee. There was a tacky little delicatessen where the coffee was ok, but the place really lacked any style. To anyone familiar with Balaclava now, that there wasn't anywhere to buy coffee may seem hard to believe.

Then The Wall arrived. It was so trendy, it did not even mention its name. I understand it was opened by the chaps who started Globe Bar in Chapel Street.

The Wall was an immediate success, and before blinking, the trendies were there, along with the post trendies like us. Now in almost gentrified Balaclava, you are more likely to see mothers with prams.

There are probably a dozen cafes along Carlisle Street now bit it all started with The Wall.

Ah, found a picture at The Wall website of how it used to look. I hate the way they have recently painted the outside wall.


  1. Anonymous1:24 pm

    Hi Andrew, I sent you an e-mail about my comments text, but it said that you no longer have a Yahoo account.


  2. Strange David. Wonder which email it was. This is the usual. ripppon at yahoo.com

  3. I'm sorry, but I really couldn't enjoy a good cuppa with that Big Brother-esque picture of Donald Sutherland's green head gurning down at me all the time.

  4. Funny Brian, I did not even notice it at the time, until later when I looked at the photo on the pc screen.

  5. I lvoe your picture and a little walk around your home town. It is important to know where to get a decent cup of coffee when in an unfamiliar burb.
    I stopped in Newmarket the other week on the way to work and had a lovely coffee at a little place called "The Verb Cafe". The service was really very good and they genuinely care about how your day is going..and they offer you any number of papers to read or magazines or the local news too.

  6. Cazzie, I have a bit of a theory that they go to extra effort with coffee in the west, to prove that they are as good as the trendy inner north.