Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tuesday as it was

As many of you have noticed, I spent a lot of time today changing my blog. Every url done individually. It was a start from scratch. Once I learnt how this new blogging thing worked, it was so easy. At one point, I realised I had left two important people off the blog list. I hope I haven't left anyone else off.

But blogging is recreational. I needed to do some stuff. I cooked the evening meal, the Body Corporate Owner's Corporation, Blanche's Special Fried Rice. That is the monthly meal I cook when R goes off to building meeting. I don't cook otherwise really. I also had some other housewifely duties to perform, but not in the bedroom.

I also bashed off for a couple of hours in the motor to the west to wash the car at the marvellous CoreyItCreek Road car wash. I stopped off at Altona Gate shopping centre for some oils for the car, some nourishment for me, an easter egg for my beloved and a toilet break. When going back to the car, I was accompanied by a women who was having loudly audible breathing difficulties. I have never heard anything like that before. Stupidly I asked if she was ok, when clearly she wasn't. I should have asked, can I help you? She was headed to her car where I guess she had some Ventolin. I hung around for a bit at a distance to make sure she was ok.

I was dreading the trips across the bridge, well, perhaps more so the earlier part on the freeway. I decided I would just stay in the left lane, impossible to do, and go with the flow of whoever was in front of me. It wasn't a bad choice. All very relaxing. 40kmh road restrictions may be frustrating for regular users of the freeway and bridge, but it was fine for me.

Returning, I remembered how the car lanes work, and avoided a traffic jam by just staying to the left, even though the lane sort of ends and then restarts. VicRoads at its finest.

Amazing that I stayed a fair bit at home today when the weather was pleasant when it will be killer hot in the latter part of the week and I could well stay home.


  1. "I also bashed off for a couple of hours in the motor..."

    No, seriously...you're doing this deliberately now, aren't you? Julian Clarey would be having a field day with feed lines like this.

  2. It is always the way, hot when at work or having to sleep during the day in the heat, and just , ok when at home..like today for instance.
    I am cooking Chinese tonight, the kids request. Wonders if yu have the time to put up your recipe of Fried Rice? :) Pretty please.

  3. It sounds like a lovely day. Much better than mine, in fact. Care to trade?

  4. C'mon Brian, you are looking hard for them now.

    Here it is Cazzie.

    Sliding around on ice? No thanks Daisy Jo.

  5. Not really Andrew. I probably ought to have included 'Bash one off' in that 'Anglo Phrase' list a week or so ago. Very common usage...well, amongst a certain class of Brit, anyway.

  6. Not a phrase used here. I'd better be careful using bash off.

  7. Hi Andrew

    Like the new look.



  8. Anonymous6:36 pm

    You bought me an Easter Egg? How sweet of you!! Vik.

  9. Ah.....no Vik. Btw, a mysterious package arrived from o/s today.

  10. Anonymous6:59 pm

    Oh, I'm shattered - no Easter Egg! Alright, I knew it wasn't for me. Today is warm, sunny and Spring-like and I'm feeling a bit devilish!! : )

    A mysterious package arrived, hey? Wonder who it's from...


  11. Don't mention the weather. Mid March and next few days, Thur 38, Fri 39, Sat 30, Sun 36, Mon 36, Tue 36, Wed 30. If you kept some snow in your freezer, please post it to us.

  12. Anonymous8:21 pm

    I would gladly send you the snow that's still piled outside my apartment building if I could. I finally managed to beat a path to the road through the stuff today. It was a tough job because the freeze/thaw conditions have turned the snow to thick slabs of ice. Still, I no complain - today was sunny and about 10 degrees - beautiful!! Vik.

  13. Oh, I did not realise you still had snow hanging around.

  14. Oh, for some rain.Our sheepies have nibbled every last blade of grass to the ground, and have to be hay and grain fed every day. Snow sounds like a welcome diversion.

    P.S. Your Blog looks wonderful!

  15. Anonymous11:19 am

    Andrew, in the city, the snow will hang around probably until the end of the month. It will be on the mountains for a few more months. Iwaki san (the tallest mountain)will still have patches of snow leading into early summer.

    blisshill, snow is a 'welcome diversion' for a few days at the most. When you live with the stuff for almost 4 months of the year, it quickly loses its appeal! I feel for you and your sheep though. I haven't forgotten what long Aussie summers are like. Never did like them much...

    - Vik.

  16. Thanks Bliss. As I grew up in the country, I feel the lack of rain stronger than the average city person.

    The snow must barely leave the mountains before it falls again Vik.

  17. Very pretty renovation ;)