Sunday, March 23, 2008

Tibet in a quick lesson

If you don't know about what is happening in Tibet, then I suggest you could have a quick read of Reuben's post on the matter at his blog Reubenville.

Tibetan supporters marched past our place this morning, heading for the Chinese Embassy in Toorak. It is bloody long way to walk to from the city. Their chanting was loud enough to draw my attention to what fuss was happening.

China is a country full of educated people, and yet they never seem to grasp how people in west will perceive their actions. Or perhaps they just don't care. China is now a very powerful country and approaching the point where they may be able to say, 'Youse can all get ****ed'.


  1. I'd say it was more of a "we have the right, what business is it of yours?" attitude than one that says "youse can all get f-ed."

    Most Chinese are very touchy on the Tibet issue. It is, to them, as big of a sore spot as the Holocaust is to most Jews. I mean that's why the majority of the Chinese blogging community raised their voices in rarely seen patriotic glee against the Tibetan demonstrators - and not the heavy-handed authorities - when they would have spent a lot of their usual posts whining and whingeing about the way the government runs the country.

    The only way such 'human rights atrocities' as the attacks on the Tibetan demonstrators are going to stop is if someone, magically, gets China to give up Tibet - something that's not going to happen any decade soon.

    It's an ingrained thing for us: Tibet is, and has been for a long time, a part of China.

  2. Watchout Andrew, we got this weirdo on my blog too. Trying to convince this radical is a bit like trying to fly a calculator.

    Thanks for referencing my blog and an open invitation exists to everyone to join the debate on this politically sensitive post (I have two big ones on China and Israel/Palestine).


    Reuben VBM

  3. "China is a country full of educated people, and yet they never seem to grasp how people in west will perceive their actions."

    Whereas Britain, America and Australia have no educated residents whatsoever...which might explain our current occupation of Iraq and our lack of consideration for how the arab world might perceive it.

  4. Tibet could become an autonomous region Captain. Does your average Beijing resident really care at all about Tibet? But thanks for your input.

    Reuben, it is an opinion and information. Always welcome when politely put. Don't expect a flood of comments. They are both really hard issues.

    Touche Brian but a hollow victory.

  5. That's the sore point though, I think. 'Losing' Tibet like that would be another blow to national pride, a bit like Taiwan and Hong Kong. I don't think the average Beijing resident cares about Tibet as long as it remains part of the mainland because of afore-mentioned national pride. We're big on that, apparently.

  6. But both Taiwan and Hong Kong came into being barely in living memory. There should not be a memory hardly of a loss. I suppose pride is the answer, but Tibet would not be lost if autonomous.

  7. They're still two rather sore spots and will probably become sorer if Tibet becomes autonomous. There's always been a lot of "China, one nation" propaganda/education since the uniting of China centuries back under the Qin emperor. -___-

  8. That pride makes you the laughing stock of Asia.

  9. Does it? No one's laughing.

  10. The Tibetans have been very courageous and dignified over so many years in their efforts to regain control of their country. Since China got the Games, they must have waited for this very moment to raise the anti and get the eyes of the world upon them.

    China would do well to make a magnanimous gesture and hand it back. The world is feeding their economic boom, and condemning their human rights record.

    Not that that's going to bloody well happen.....

  11. Well if I had such a comparatively deplorable human rights record, I certainly would be. Shameful.