Wednesday, March 26, 2008

This week's news

So awful. Was it a mother and child killed on a train level crossing at a road accident? Can't recall now. Trains seem to bumping people off on a regular basis. I can't keep up.

Then some silly bloke drove into the side of a moving train, and survived.

Gosh, it is ages since we have been to see our very old mate in the Western District. Along the way we cross a couple of railway lines that have booms and flashing lights. The angles are acute but I always check carefully that no trains are coming. Technology is marvellous, but not infallible. T'would be an inglorious way to go.

Then it is alleged that a truck driver went through a red light and smashed up a car and its occupants. Another mother and two kiddies dead.

It is unreasonable to expect the State to protect yourself from everything. You have to look after yourself a bit. I have said before and I say again, driving is a serious business. You need to concentrate. Sort out distractions, such as screaming kids, by pulling over in a safe place and fixing it.

And when the chick/bloke of your dreams calls you while you driving, it can wait, it truly can. It might be better if you show yourself as being responsible by not answering the phone when you are driving. It is working for me.

I have firmly put into practice not answering my phone when I am driving. I can't safely do it anyway, although I expect some younger people can, almost. I just can't concentrate on a conversation and driving. My world has not caved in.

In the news this week has been Timothy Holding and Penny Wong, one a State Minister and the other a Federal Minister. One, I would like some dickie play with, and the other I would like to have an intelligent conversation with. You can guess which one I really admire.

While our Tory Party leader sailed off for months on a boat in the twentieth century, it would seem that the Tories now have a big problem with our Labor PM being absent for 17 days in the twenty first century. I am quite liking KRudd now.

Note to self: All of the above will disappoint you at some point.

I have heard some grand plans for Sydney and some grand plans for Melbourne. I have learnt to not hold my breath.

5/ The Murray River will flow again. I will believe that when I see water up to the upper wharf at Echuca and River Red Gums on flood plains not dying.

6/ I could go on, but I am old and tired and domestic matters are difficult. You are lucky I can write this much.


  1. We are lucky. Thanks Andrew.

    Couldn't agree more about phone calls in cars. I also think hands free devices don't improve things very much.

    I would love to see the red gums flourish again.

  2. Announcements of new projects in NSW are cheap, actual outcomes are another thing. The latest big announcement is the Metro line from the Hills district into the CBD; a billions of dollars project. Premier Iemma is almost turning pink assuring us this is one announcement that really really really will be honoured. We'll see.

  3. I wish we had a some Ministers in NSW who looked like Timothy Holding. That would partly make up for the lack of achievement here.

  4. Pfft old and tired my Aunt Fanny Adams! ;)

  5. One of our employees got hit by a car this week as she was crossing the street. Luckily, he was turning right on red and wasn't at a speed to seriously injure her.

    No phone in car for me, either.

  6. Anonymous2:32 pm

    Rail crossing accidents are solely the fault of the car involved. You have to be seriously thick if you can't see or hear a train coming. Don't blame the government and demand them to waste money on telling people some common sense.
    It's certainly sad that people die because of someone's idiocy but it's another thing to blame the government.

  7. Just a split second between being OK and not. I can attest to that.

    Yesterday I actually had a truck driver begin to pull out in front of me on the give way lines I was hit on 6 months ago. I hit the skids in fright and he gave me the finger. Go figure.

    No matter how many gory ads the TAC put on, drivers just think it won't happen to them.... until it does.

  8. "I have heard some grand plans for Sydney and some grand plans for Melbourne."

    Excellent...they've finally bought that big bulldozer. (Ducks and scarpers extremely quickly.)

  9. sad! I dun watch the News anymore.

    btw come play the game in my blog.


  10. The stats indicate that they should be banned too LiD. Not so politically acceptable.

    Tim is not shabby Victor. I need to google him to see if he is married.

    Jayne, I was looking for sympathy and reassurance, not pfft.

    In your marvellous country Daisy Jo, is talking on a cell in a car viewed badly? Is it mostly illegal?

    Quite so Reuben, but we must also have some sympathy too. I know some not so bright people who I would like to stay alive.

    Your own personal horror intersection Bliss. And no way to avoid it I suppose.

    They'll do Sydney first Brian and probably not complete the project, so Melbourne will be safe. Btw, what you done to RH? Zapped his modem from afar?

    I am struggling to keep up with pc stuff at moment Keshi. Read it though, as I always do.

  11. It's frown on by the authorities, but not illegal, in Ohio anyway. Everyone does talks on the phone in the car, even little old ladies.

  12. I do have two minds on this Daisy Jo. While I cannot do it, I think some people can and pay attention to the road too. But then I know someone who has a friend who was gaoled because she killed someone on the road because she was texting on her phone.

  13. Andrew,

    I don't know what I did to RH. Got on his nerves too much I suspect. I miss him. I'll have to find somebody else to wind up now...

  14. Driving from South Australia and back through to Victoria we came through many of those crossings you speak of. The kids were so good I have got to commend them, and well, we did commend them every time we stopped, every night we were away. See, it wasn't just the trains and the crossings we had to have quiet and concentration for, ot was other people on the roads and the worst thing..the kangaroos. Gotta have your wits about you then, so much road kill it is not funny.

  15. Kangas can be so quick Cazzie, you just don't have a chance at times.