Sunday, March 02, 2008

That Razer Woman

I guess there are quite a lot of people who can't stand Helen Razer. I find her shrill voice oddly compelling. I am usually busy on Sunday with something or other, but as it was a working Sunday for me, I listened to her whole program.

It is not for me to out her and I don't believe she ever has herself but only a fool could not put two and two together. As well as writing for the gay press, never mentioning a bloke in her life, she also had an ever so brief time as program manager for our gay radio station Joy. Even as a member back then, I was not privy to why she only worked there for less than a week. Just another reason among many why I am no longer a member.

Her cred from being on Triple J for a long time is unquestioned. Yes, I am quite used to her and her idiosyncratic style now.

She told a tale today that almost had me in tears at work.

Her grandmother is in either a nursing home or hospice and rapidly approaching the end of her life. Ms Razer flew interstate and visited her recently. Ms Razer, (not sure why I feel compelled to call her Ms Razer) was her grandmother's favourite. But the grandmother's mind is ailing and she said to Helen (that's better) that she did not think Helen liked her much. Helen replied, with smile on her face, that's right, I don't like you much. Her grandmother said, well I don't like you either.

The grandmother then said, well we really don't have anything to say to each other anymore.

And they could well be the last words that Helen hears from her grandmother.

Gee I hope nothing like that happens with my mother. But come my turn in the hospice, I will be rude and nasty to everyone with relish, except for whoever is paying the bill and the staff.

The pics came from our ABC. One was clearly taken a while ago.


  1. I've no idea who Ms Razer is (it's an odd surname though...doesn't bode well for those of us who've never met her) but there really isn't much point in 'outing' women surely. I've always suspected that all women are secretly lesbian anyway. Or perhaps that's just the ones I've been out with. Come to think of it, that really doesn't bode well for me at all.

  2. Not her real name I think Brian. You turn chicks lesbian, I make blokes go on benders, three of them no less.

  3. That made me sad. I'll have to get my mother on tape in case I miss the daily dose of venom when she does go.

    Nice choice of words Andrew.

    Fleetwood, we're just not interested in mating with the bottom feeders in the gene pool.

  4. Nice choice of words JahTeh, almost as good as Andrew.

  5. Arghh, I should have worked in a link to one of your mother posts Jah Teh.

  6. Okay, I'm curious. Why are you making men go on benders?

    In my last conversation with my grandmother before she passed, she commented that I'd found the spare tire (chunkiness around the mid-section, in case you need translation) she'd lost. Bad Nana, but I love her anyway.

  7. Witchy,

    I thought that lesbians didn't want to mate at all.

  8. 'It's nice to be important, but more important to be nice....'

    Old saying, but I use it here and there. Why upset an old woman with nothing much to live for?

    It was your 'shrill voice' reference that got my attention. Watching the Today Show on Ch 9 this morning, they trawled up Eva Longeria Someting-or-other (Desperate Housewives), telling her in syrupy tones how she was noted as the sexiest woman (who says?).

    She's got a voice like a barbed wire fence and would have to keep her mouth zipped to maintain her standing(maybe I not being quite 'nice' here).

  9. How sad! People often don't realise the usual family jokes and fun stirring doesn't register with fading minds.
    Used to love her show on Triple J.
    I've threatened to come back and haunt The Tribe if I find myself in a nursing home lol ;)

  10. People I have worked with actually Daisy Jo. One even shot himself dead. I am dangerous.

    Good point there Bliss. As for Eva, I find her incredibly attractive but no idea of anything else about her.

    Yes Jayne, the whole connection with someone changes. So no Shady Pines for you?

  11. Good god, you should have warned me about yourself before now, don't you think, before I've gotten myself in so deep as to be in danger?


  12. No Andrew, Shady Pines shall have to manage without moi :P

  13. Helen Raser is highly intelligent and was doing great in a normal sort of way until she became the target of a stalker who truly screwed up her career.
    She went into seclusion for a long time. She may have had a boyfriend before the stalker.

    sex is a plastic elastic thing and anything is possible.
    I have a crush on Bill Nighy ... so I am hoping anything is possible.

  14. the recall of that old slag Bwca isn't bad - here is the wiki on Ms. Razer

  15. and for those of you too weary to click, at the wiki it claims that Razer called Stan Zemanek a witless rightwing c^nt

    ... so she must be OK

  16. Sorry Fleetwood, I don't know about lesbians, I was speaking as the president of the Born Again Virgins Social Club.

  17. I am only dangerous to men. You are safe dear Daisy Jo.

    Aw Jayne, I liked the idea of you blogging as you dribble on your keyboard.

    Fantastic stuff Dys. So agree with her opinion of Stan. When looking for the pictures of her, I came across the stalking tale elsewhere. Had to google Bill. Yuk Dys, your taste in men is execrable. Mind you, he is very urbane.

  18. The revamped Helen Razer and the olde Cyndi Lauper. Separated at barf.