Sunday, March 09, 2008

Tandoori chicken, a chop and a ginger.

We were summoned to a barbecue at South Oakleigh last night. Just us, the brother friends, the hosts ex NT politician and his Fijian/Indian boyfriend and his Australian boyfriend (do not ask me explain how the Fijian/Indian boyfriend can have two boyfriends, I don't understand, just accept), and two younger guys, another Fijian/Indian and his Ukrainian boyfriend.

It was a very pleasant barbecue in the their very lush backyard. Over about six years I have watched the backyard lawn shrink to a postage stamp size as the garden beds extended outward.

We were given two stems of flowers from a ginger lily to take home, then as a last minute thought, a bit of night jasmine. R noted at the market yesterday ginger lily flower stems were selling for five dollars each.

The night jasmine was chucked out the car window on the way home as it was nearly knocking us out with its overpowering scent.

We popped the ginger lily stems into water once home and they lasted ten minutes before they went out onto the balcony because they were so overpowering. What is it with ginger lilies? They are not attractive and the scent is not very pleasant and extremely strong.

My mother who visited today said that they are evil. She planted one once and has never been able to get rid of it. However, her ears pricked up when she learnt that a flower stem sells for five dollars. Twenty stems sold and there would be a new pair of shoes to add to her shoe mountain.


  1. I am laughing at the "shoe mountain" thinks she is like our Steph from Sydney with her love of shoes?

  2. Holy heck in a handbasket - $5 per stem???
    I've got ginger lilies breeding like backwoods hillbillies in the back yard - I could be rich!!!
    Nah, they're probably the flowers Interflora rejects lol :P

  3. My male Sydney friend is the same Cazzie. He has more shoes than I have ever owned.

    Set up a stall at your front gate Jayne. I am sure that was what on my mother's mind.