Saturday, March 01, 2008


Daisy Jo has discovered UK tv. She wrote a fab post on the English expressions she has learnt. We Australian types know them pretty well, even if we don't use them.

But what about your American lingo. Back in the old days when I used to chat to people around the world via the net, 'Sup' used to puzzle me. How do I respond to that? I knew literally what it meant, What is up, abbreviated to Wassup, and then 'Sup. A message window would pop up with just the word 'sup'.

It never quite sounded like 'hi there' , 'g'day' or 'howsitgoin'. There were times when I felt like replying, 'nothing is up, all is fine with me thanks'. But that was clearly a wrong response.

For us there is a natural response to gday, or howsitgoin(g). But to me 'What is up' makes me think that there is something wrong and I need to explain.

One pair of words that never gained currency here, thank god, and seems to be favoured by older gay men in the US, is 'hell yeah'. Is that ugly or what? Hard to believe that a civilised gay male in the United States would use such an expression. For us, there is nothing wrong with bloody 'ell, or if you want to be a bit nice, bloody 'eck.

This global village thingy still needs some work.


  1. Courtesy of Daisy Jo's blog:

    "...right around the time I finish cooking dinner and am ready to sit down and eat, Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares comes on. I've never seen a show where there was so much bleeping of the "f" word."

    In Blighty they don't bother to bleep it. Gordon Ramsey 'effs' and 'blinds' so much I can't imagine there'd be much left of the programme to actually hear if they did. Just wait until American telly gets the 'Kitchen Nightmares USA' series. I'm surprised there wasn't a shoot out in most episodes.

  2. TV producers in UK are blaming Neighbours and Home and Away for most Brit actors losing their dialects and sounding more like Aussies. If Phil Harding from Time Team ever sounds like Irene from Summer Bay I'll go he :P

    Saw some of the Kitchen Nightmares USA - was like Survivor with boning knives at 50 paces LOL.

  3. C word twice in this week's episode I believe. Not bleeped out.

  4. Ramsey's not been going round talking about 'Caerphilly Cheese' again has he? The foul-mouthed cunt!

  5. I dislike Gordon Ramsey in those shows and almost wish someone would take to his mouth with a knife.

    As for 'Sup', valid question given some of the sites our Andrew visits.

  6. I have never actually seen his show Brian.

    What Jah Teh? Wat yo sayin bitch? 'Splutter splutter'.

  7. The correct response to 'sup? would be "nothing much" unless you're asking a perv, and then response is "You wanna see?"

    I only know one guy who says 'hell yeah' and he's a bit of a redneck.

  8. That is probably what we would naturally reply Daisy Jo, especially to the question, What have you been up to?

    Ah, so hell yeah is gay guys trying to come across at butch.

  9. What's up? always makes me think I must look upset. I've picked up a few funny words in my time - I say 'Sure I don't understand what you're saying' or 'Sure it's going to be a lovely day tomorrow'. In fact, I add 'sure' to a lot of things.

    But I'm glad I don't say 'hell yeah'

  10. I am sure pleased you don't say hell yeah too Rosanna.