Monday, March 10, 2008

Sunday 9th Pt 3

A few pics taken in Kensington. I suppose it is Hardiman's Hotel below. Very distressed and very interesting.

Looking down Macaulay Road towards the railway line with the city in the background.

Belair Street, taken almost opposite Kensington Railway Station.

The Australian Bank, built circa 1891.

An odd pair of houses in nearby Wight Street.

Because it is on a hill, Wight Street is probably as close to any area in Melbourne that can feel like Sydney.


  1. lovely pics Andrew :)


  2. "Hardimans? Nay, Nay and thrice nay!" (Andrew's going to ban me at this rate, I can tell. And with deplorable innuednoes like that, delivered in a Frankie Howard voice or not, I wouldn't blame him.)

  3. Love the Australian Bank!
    That turret is probably only for show but I can imagine the bank manager polishing his horsehair stuffed leather seat up there while he surveyed the minions who scurried into "his" bank to deposit their pennies, perhaps a drop of port with his hot lunch (that strained his waistcoat a little more) and a cigar to wash it down before seeing to the business of closing up for the day.

  4. Thanks Keshi :)

    You'll have to do worse than that Brian.

    I am thinking now Jayne, it may the The Australia Bank. Wasn't there a run on banks in the 1890's? It probably opened then went broke. I should think only posh people used banks then.

  5. There was a massive run on the banks in that depression and many went belly up.
    There were some banks frequented by the working class (some new legislation made it easy to open your wallet and call yourself a bank around that time) - most went bust, hence the common minions lost everything too.
    There were so many variations on the name - Colonial Bank of Aust, Australasian Bank,Bank of Australia,Bank of Scotland and Aust, etc it could be any of them.
    I'll dig out my copy of The Land Boomers and see if there's anything lol ;)

  6. Great photos Andrew! You have really captured the character of the place. Love the old pub and the bank. I know what you mean about the Sydney feel. There is something deja vuish about the place. I always think there should be a beach very nearby.

  7. My great grandfather lost money then Jayne.

    Exactly LiD. It is like the area around the harbour, steep hills dropping down to the sea.