Monday, March 10, 2008

Sunday 9th Pt 2

As well as using the abo word today when she visited for afternoon tea yesterday, my mother also said, referring to an old frock shop called Debbie Ann, next to the fishmonger in Portman Street, Oakleigh, that it was owned and run by a lovely lady called Mrs Silver. She was Jewish, but so nice and so smart. Even step father picked her up on this one, pointing out a few of the Jewish people they know and adding that he has an antecedent with the name of Solomon.

She then went on to defend herself by saying she knew Jewish people many years ago and liked them a lot. She worked for some. This was a very big, never told revelation to me and to my step father. Why has she never mentioned this?

So far as I knew, she only ever worked in a plant nursery potting up seedlings for a few weeks and that was all the paid work she had ever done.

Oh no. Not true, it would seem. For some reason after all this time, she told us that she had been a telephonist, for a week, a sales lass in a haberdashery shop for a couple of days and a cleaner and child carer for a Jewish doctor whose practice was in the city. She worked this job for six months before she got bored. They lived in a new two storey apartment (1940's) at the corner of Murrumbeena Road and Dandenong Road and Mum used to do some general cleaning and walk the doctor's child down Murrumbeena Road to and from kindergarten, times of duty, 8.00 am to 3.30. Mum loved the apartment, furnished with beautiful antique furniture, which I suppose tells me why when she furnished my grandmother's new house in North Road, South Oakleigh with reproduction Queen Anne furniture.

Mater has told me/us quite a few interesting things over the last couple of years that we did not know. She must be feeling mortal and a need to pass on information.


  1. "She was Jewish, but so nice and so smart."

    Are you implying that Jewish people are usually unpleasant and thick, Andrew?

  2. I vaguely remember Mrs Silver, mum used to shop there occasionally.
    Perhaps your mum has been mentally reviewing her life and that's why you're finding out the unknown bits.
    My dad does the same - drop little bombshells now and then just to keep me guessing lol.

  3. "a sales lass in a haberdashery shop"

    Assume she didn't work for Mr. Zeimer at Job Warehouse in Bourke St. That would have been the source ofmany seriously odd stories.

    Back, way back in the 60s it took me nearly half an hour to convince Jacob that I was worthy enough to buy several yards of mattress ticking from him.)

  4. Marvellously out of context quote Brian.

    And I bet there is a whole lot that she will never tell us Jayne.

    Doubt she worked in the city M'lord. I shan't ask why you needed all that mattress ticking.

  5. I absolutely love Queen Anne Furniture. My Great grandma had it in her place and then she left it to my mum.
    I also love the old woodern furniture too, the smell of the polish they used on it, mmm, very nice.

  6. It is very elegant Cazzie. I like it too.

  7. Jeez Shirl, you gotta love people who post succinct, pithy comments.

  8. ... and lo and behold the same commenter has been over to my house - sadly he/she/it's erudite comments are now lining the bottom of my dead parrot's cage.

    Most peculiar. (Not that I have a dead parrot - everyone over 60 was given one those after the last budget - but that we have been privileged to be the recipients of such insights.)

  9. Another blogger received the same yesterday and she put a word counter through it, from memory over seven hundred words. Cut and paste is a curse at times.