Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sunday 9th Pt 1

This morning before it became too hot, we took the motor out to the Commonwealth Games Village in Parkville. After the Melbourne Commonwealth Games, the competitors housing was turned into private dwellings and sold for large sums of money. It is one of the most ugly areas in Melbourne and a thorough waste of our time and petrol. Don't bother.

However, we went on to see where R lived once in Park Street, West Brunswick and then found what must be the most unrenovated Coles supermarket in Melbourne at Union Square. But the staff were lovely, and did we find a little gay enclave in Melbourne? By what we saw, perhaps so. We drove a few of the backstreets and it is quite a nice area and certainly not a high migrant area that I expected it would be. The people we saw at Union Square and on the streets all seemed to be of Anglo heritage. Bit odd really.

Cazzie must have planted this in my head when she mentioned in a post or comment about stopping off for coffee in Kensington. I wanted to go to Kensington. It is a word that I have a trouble saying. For some reason I stretch it out to be a very long word, over one second to say it. I must have heard it like that once and it planted in my head. I am very susceptible to accents.

We were up for coffee and a snack and by sheer co-incidence, we happened across the same Macaulay Road cafe where Cazzie had coffee. Both coffee and fruit toast were nice. From memory it was called Kitc-ch. We watched church goers come and go, so many dogs passing and some really nice looking but down to earth types.

Perhaps we should sell the highrise and move to Kensington? R loves real estate agent windows with a passion, so we took a look at the one opposite the cafe, no prices.

I reminded R that it is quite a busy area, unlike today when we are seeing it at its best on a quiet holiday weekend when so many people are out of the city, and no truck traffic.

R had some other memory of Kensington and could not quite work it out. We walked down the hill to the railway line, crossed the road, and there were many more cafes and shops off Macaulay Road. This was what he remembered, or a very earlier version of it.

We found another real estate agent, who had a picture of a single fronted timber house in his window. The poster stated that it was the first $800,000 house sale in Kensington. Thoughts of selling the highrise, moving to Kensington and become cash rich melted like an ice cream on a February day in the Alice (that was pretty good hey).

Home James, with afternoon tea goodies for the Mater and step father. More on the day to follow.


  1. "...a little gay enclave in Melbourne? ...We drove a few of the backstreets and it is quite a nice area."

    It's the same the world over. If you want a gay enclave, then you need to explore the back passages.

    I might send that one in to the cricket commentators for the next time there's a male streaker on the pitch.

  2. Just checking Brian, this is humour and not an offensive homophobic comment at we shirtlifters' expense? I would not be offended if a friend said it, but just checking.

  3. Andrew ... Know the Coles very well, You can always tell the difference between an Ex Bilo it sticks out a mile... BTW my parents live in West Brunswick and they shop at the new Refurb Coles in Barkly Square heheheheh :)

  4. I was hoping you would comment Robyn. We parked in shade near the loading ramp. We should have checked the pigeons overhead first. Regardless, the staff are not the fastest I have I come across at Coles supermarkets, but certainly very nice, and that really makes a difference. The visit to Coles Union Square was a positive experience for us.

  5. Yes, Kensington is the place I look at the real estate windows also. There a re a few lovely little cafes there and the Kensington Supermarket there is a nice little hub, clean and with fresh fruit and vegies that make safeway's "The fresh food people" motto true (Unlike the Safeway's close to our current dwelling).
    The Hotel there near the railway station was abuzz with people sitting out on the chairs outside having a nice drink and bite to eat. This was tonight on my way in to work for night duty.

  6. Andrew,

    Not homophobic...not intentionally anyway...just good old fashioned British Carry-On-Style, Mrs. Slocombe's-Pussy-Type innuendo. (Not really humour in the case either then...but it's what passes for humour in our neck of the woods.)

  7. Should I grab my camera and go in search of hidden gems in Kensington Andrew?

  8. Yeah I love Kensington! The man and I are having a sniff round there for houses at the moment. But yes, a bit pricey. Like everywhere else within 10km of the CBD though.

    Don't think the backstreets are any cheaper either.

  9. Anonymous11:30 am

    I don't think Kensington is such a pleasant area. Yet it is certainly more affordable compared to other inner-city neighborhoods (except perhaps Collingwood).

    How do you recognise a 'gay enclave'? It's not as if you can tell gays from non-gays can you? - Without being pejorative.

  10. Anonymous11:41 am

    Moreover, a member of my blog (DXTR) has challenged your support of the SSCS - so some rebuttal is in order Andrew.

  11. Are you feeling the urge to move, or just overwhelmed with the charms of Kensington?

  12. I suppose it superficial to judge an area on one cup of coffee in a cafe but Cazzie and Reuben, I liked it.

    Often can tell them apart Reuben. One in the supermarket and one in the fruit shop. Clothes, hair, walk, mannerisms but the big one is catching their eyes with yours.

    Not really Daisy Jo, but it is quite charming.

  13. 'Tis quite close to the city Jen, but I thought they houses there were quite pricey.

    I didn't see anything there Tony.

  14. I hope the ex read the Real Estate sales on the weekend. A house three doors up and facing the golf course went for $550,000, he'd choke.

  15. I have always liked the look of kensington.

    It has some nice tree-lined residential streets and an attractive shopping centre - love the street next to the station.

    However, like you have said- it looks idyllic on a lazy Sunday but it is very chaotic weekdays. The traffic just streams and congests its way through to the city. Gee, the property prices are mad.

    P.S. Like the new blog stylings.

  16. I bet the traffic is horrendous at times LiD. New blog look is a work in progress, thanks. It is going to take some time. I better make a post about it in case I have left people off the blog list or whatever.

  17. Time to look at a reverse mortgage Jah Teh.