Sunday, March 02, 2008

A song in my head

I am not sure what brought this on but I have had a song in my head for a few days and I could not recall the words. The song is quite short and from a 1980 Canadian movie set in Amsterdam. I recall enjoying the movie very much but after a check on the net, the New York Times film critic hated it.

It was called The Lucky Star and about a Jewish boy in Amsterdam during the second world war. I am thinking I must have had it on video tape, but I did not keep it. Somehow though I transferred two of the music tracks from the movie to an audio cassette tape. I have no idea how I did that, but I did keep the cassette tape.

It was a pointed moment in my life. I suppose I was about 23 when I saw it, and along with the movie Cabaret, it started from then on an interest in WW2 from the Jewish angle, and a good appreciation of self deprecating Jewish style humour, racism and my interest in politics.

This was sang at a Jewish cabaret in Amsterdam as Hitler was in his ascendancy. It was funny but also poignant. It is almost a spoken song, sung in a noisy cabaret but with heavy booming accompanying music.

Life could we wonderful, in Amsterdam
Life could be beautiful, in Amsterdam.

When Moses led the Israelites, across the desert sands
He told them there was job for Jews, in the Netherlands
The job was diamond polishing, but what he didn't tell
Only twice a year they're out of work, but in two six monthly spells.

Life could be wonderful, in Amsterdam
Life could be beautiful, in Amsterdam.

If Missus Schicklegruber, Mr Schicklegruber's missus
Had one night said 'Nein, mein heir', to Schicklegruber's kisses
He might have fallen fast asleep, and Adolph, the crazy nut
Would have stayed where he belonged
In his father's you know what.

Then life would be wonderful, in Amsterdam
Life would be beautiful, in Amsterdam.

Anyone else out there weird enough to remember the movie?


  1. No but I would like to see it. I have been known to watch alot of SBS movies whilst working night shift..and the story lines aswell as the singing have been great in alot of them, and just plain odd in others :)

  2. Yep, that is where you will see it Cazz.

  3. "I recall enjoying the movie very much but after a check on the net, the New York Times film critic hated it."

    Probably because it was Canadian.

  4. As a movie, it wasn't going to win an Oscar nor a Maple Leaf, but it wasn't a bad movie. I could not believe the venom in the NYT review. But you have made it clear. I am not so smart.

  5. Most of the movies I like are rubbish, and I don't care what the critics think of them.

  6. I take little notice of critics these days as many are either deliberately obtuse or plain old too thick to get subtle nuances or under-riding plot lines.
    Haven't seen it but it sounds like it's right up our alley; The Spouse shall have it on his to-look-for list ;)

  7. If you find a critic who you tend to agree with Daisy Jo and Jayne, it is good to stick to them. But I never have really.

  8. This reminded me of a Mel Brooks movie I saw about 10 years ago. I just did a search on IMDB and found out it's called "To Be or Not to BE" (for years I thought it was The produces until I saw that about 2 years ago). It was about a Jewish Caberet show cast that stages an escape from Nazi occupied Europe while Hitler is in the audience watching the show (which sends up Hitler).

    Anyway, it was a funny movie at the time.

  9. I am not sure if I saw it Ben, but I remember it. There was a notable musical track in it. Can't recall that either.