Monday, March 03, 2008

Nice Boss

Arrived in our inbox last Friday. Must have been Sri Lanka playing Australia locally. That is a nice thing for a boss to do. None of us objected to such largess from the cleaning company boss to his lousily paid staff.

Hi all,
I received a call from XXXXXXXXXX last night asking if it was possible (as a one off thing) for his afternoon cleaner to start and finish earlier today (Friday) as they are taking all there guys to the cricket today. I indicated that there should not be a problem with this arrangement.
If any member has concerns with this arrangement please let me know a.s.a.p.
Have a good weekend.


  1. Anonymous10:31 pm

    I prefer this new font Andrew

  2. A very generous gesture by the boss their. Now, if he could only work on his grammar...

  3. Well. I was going to ask who made the spelling error. Was the note typed verbatim, or was it just old age before going into a hospice?

  4. Since Anonymous has put their opinion on the new font, I have to chime in with mine - I prefer the old one. While the new one is an attractive font, its light weight and complete lack of serifs are harder to read and unsuitable for onscreen reading.
    Just my opinion - worth what you paid for it!

  5. The font first. I cut and pasted from an email, so that is why the font is different and the system automatically picked it up for what I typed myself. I know little about fonts and I don't find them very interesting. Easiest to read is the key for me and if that is a very personal thing. I do consider the blogger default font somewhat inelegant, but easy enough to read. But you never know, one day I may play with fonts.

    The email was written by the body corp secretary, an unpaid position. He was not born in Australia and he usually has another bc member check for grammar and spelling. This was clearly sent in haste, just like all my blog posts and comments really, and as he puts hours of work into the building, no one would dare point out the occasional clanger he makes. His spelling and grammar has improved considerably over the past few years.

  6. That C&P'ed font. No! Me and me trusty guide dog Cujo can barely see to read it.

    Feel free to play with your fonts Shirl, but only big ones.

  7. Stop encouraging Andrew, he has enough trouble with twinks and you want him to play with fonts.

  8. No, not twinks, more a Times Old Roman bloke. Like that old saying goes, when in Romans, do as Romans do.

    (Your fault Coppertop, you keep feeding me lines. Keep doing it and I will feel compelled to feed you to the lions.)

  9. Twinks or fonts, I know little about either. I like a real man, with facial and body hair.

  10. I believe His Lordship is available behind the nearest bicycle shed.

  11. ... BYO Malvern Star.

  12. I your case M'lord, surely a Healing.

    Actually Jo, and you would know if you had been reading closely enough, I like them smooth and somewhat possibly exotic. Was Laurie reading and you had to say that?

  13. It's funny you should say that Andrew because when I read it I was thinking that I remembered you saying that but agreed with you anyway.

    A little bit of chest hair is ok but not too much and yuk @ hairy backs.

    One of my neighbours who has the most back hair I've ever seen outside of a zoo mows the lawn with no shirt and all the women in the street run inside.

  14. Really laughing out loud at women running inside Jo. I learnt a long time ago to not write rules about guys, hairy or not.