Wednesday, March 05, 2008


MG in Sydney stands for Mardi Gras, not Morris Garage or Motor Guzzi or whatever. I received an email from my Sydney friend with a quick summary of the MG party. I wish I had saved it, but here is as I recall but with my punctuation, rather than his lack of.

Newton John came on at 4am. I thought it was her mother coming on to introduce her. She sang some song called Sandoo (I think that would have been Xanadu my dear) from a crappy eighties movie, probably Grease or something like that. (I think my friend was being a little too disingenuous here).

They had no lasers in the main hall and it was a bore. Not going next year.

I would guess that his drugs didn't work very well, no one bought him drinks all night and he did not score.


  1. I'm surprised at her age that she's capable of coming on at all.

  2. You ever been Keshi?

    At 4am no less Brian. I reckon she used jet lag from when she arrived to her advantage. I believe Cindy Lauper went down well though.

  3. Poor bugger hey..thats too bad he didnt enjoy Olivia's singing.

  4. I never worry about him Cazzie. But I used to.

  5. Andrew,

    I suspect the phrase 'coming on' should have been in that UK Vocab list, so the particularly tasteless joke above back fired on me a bit. Serves me right for leaving comments before I've had my second mug of coffee.