Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Melbourne Trams

It started off as just something that interested me, that is doing a bit of research on Melbourne's extinct cable trams, mainly where they ran. It is very interesting because apart from the cable system itself, they also shape the way many of our present trams, and especially, inner suburban buses run. In no book nor online could I find a definitive list of cable trams and the dates they opened, the routes and their closing dates. Via a variety of sources, I did it myself. Some of it may be inaccurate and I not game yet to post it to an online group of experts.

However, I thought Jayne could do something with it in the lost and found section of her blog and lo and behold she has and a fine job she has done too. It is presented in a very interesting manner, as is her wont.

Then I thought, why not do the same for closed electric tram routes? I did that too and both are starting to flow through to Jayne's blog.

Umm, seems to have been a blackout. Black keyboards in the dark are hard. Lucky I can touch type. Well, for most of the keyboard. Thankfully I didn't need a + sign. Ha, I am better than I thought.


  1. err, I think wont should be want.

  2. I've been trying to track down our lost tram system as well. It should be have been up and running again for Easter according to the local authorities, but it seems their complaints line is down as well now.

  3. Think of all the emissions not emitted by the tram system not using power.

  4. Thanks Andrew, your research is invaluable! :)

    Brian, you didn't expect the trams to be running when the authorities said they would, did you?! Andrew could probably track it down for you lol :P

  5. Andrew, I had a look on Jayne's blog. I have to say that is an excellent piece of joint research. I had no idea where those routes went although I kind of knew where the train used to go through Carlton. Very cool as I said over at Jayne's. Thanks for putting in all that work to find them.

  6. I think many blog posts ago LiD, that I did mention something about the Inner Circle Railway Line. I expect Jayne has done it. I will check soon and if she hasn't, I will do something because I have a personal anecdote about it.