Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Melbourne Karachi Tram

Back in November 2006, we caught the Melbourne tram decorated in the manner of public transport in Karachi, Pakistan. I believe decorators were brought out here for the task. It ran for a couple of summers but no sign of it this year. I think it must be in storage.

I didn't take my camera on the trip but I have just come across a very good youtube of the tram in action. I love the way the sound track slides, almost like it was mixed, from the church bells of St Pauls Cathedral to Pakistani pop music that was being blasted out from the tram.

The best thing about it, among the chaos, is that everyone at least smiles, if not laughs and the grin stays on their faces for the duration of the trip. I can't recall if we had to pay, but if we did, it was the cheapest fun I have ever had. Beat that Fleetwood/Blackpool Brian.


  1. "I believe decorators were brought out here for the task."

    Looks as though you've had the decorators in yourself.

    As for people smiling on trams, we get that round here as well. The constant jerking and smashing motion created by the 200 year old track gives them all wind.

  2. http://www.tramtactic.net/W-11/

    I don't think you had to pay since it was on the city circle but the conductors handed out 'tickets' and brochures.

  3. Gee... don't think I've ever seen anyone smile on public transport before.

  4. Oh some of our are like that Brian.

    Of course Bobby, City Circle, so free. No mention the website of another season.

    Very unusual Jo.

  5. Andrew,

    Here's one from our side of the globe; a journey I've made a thousand times and wish I hadn't.
    Not sure who filmed it and added the voice over, but I bet he's a laugh a minute at parties...


  6. I only got a few distant glimpses last year and the year before, and was hoping they would get it out again this year, no such luck.

  7. WOW, love IS life haha

  8. Youtube has collapsed Brian. Will try later.

    Fairly sure it is in storage Ben.

    Quite true Cazzie.

  9. Electric buses running on train lines. They creak rather like our newest trams from Germany.

  10. Tram lines, Andrew. I don't think you'd manage to fit a train on that particular gauge. (I could be wrong there, of course...I've never actually tried.) But yes, they are electric buses. The original omni-buses in fact. Some of those creaky toastracks are centuries old...and by 'eck they feel like it. Unfortunately the fares are modern.

  11. I said trains because for much of the time they are isolated from traffic in a reservation.