Sunday, March 23, 2008

Look out below

I was looking over the edge of our balcony when I spied something that looked familiar. I went to our laundry and checked and sure enough it was missing. Our mop must have fallen off the balcony the last time I cleaned the balcony. I hadn't seen it go nor missed it and probably would not have until the next time I went to clean the balcony.

Our tiled floor area is small, so R washes them by hand. I will now do the same for our balcony. The mop was worn out anyway. It is the only thing that has ever fallen from our balcony except a tradie dropped a screwdriver once. I would never live in an apartment with a courtyard at the base of residential building. You would never feel safe.

I am thinking back to when I cleaned the balcony and it was a Grand Prix day. Perhaps I was distracted by these sky jumpers.


  1. Old woman killed by falling mop. Makes a change from the usual urban myth about frozen urine falling from a passing jumbo.

  2. It did fall onto a seldom used walkway Brian but yes, it could kill. I really am amazed that more people aren't injured in circumstances as I described.

  3. More people probably are injured like that but aren't game to admit it at the local GP/hosp.

  4. re: jayne's comments:

    "Doc, honestly. I was in the shower and I accidentally slipped"

  5. I was naked and I sat on a chair not realising what was there.