Sunday, March 23, 2008

Lazy Sunday

The plan, birthday present shopping for R with him at my side. Card for mother's birthday. Some general shop strolling and lunch out. Cancel all, as shops are shut.

I reckon it is damn odd that shops close on the Sunday of Easter but they fight to stay open and extend their hours at other times. What is this day anyway? I vaguely recall something about a prostitute rolling a a big rock over Jesus and he awoke from a two day pass out after drinking too many casks of papyrus vino and then bottoming for some seriously kinky action while attached to a timber upright and cross piece. And I thought I invented the wheel.

R slept late because of one of his depleted birthday presents (pictured), so just a gentle drive in the motor and coffee was all we felt up for. I put on my sunglasses that I bought yesterday and felt some coldness on one side of my nose. Wow, one nose rest has gone. The screw must have fallen out. Nothing to do with me leaving them on the floor of the car last night and R standing on them. They weren't bent.

It was in the direction we were headed, so no trouble to check in the extremely unlikely event that South Melbourne Market was open on this day when everything is shut. Praise the lord, it was and sunglasses quickly repaired. We ate a 'famous South Melbourne Market dimsim' to celebrate the repair of my glasses and then headed down the coast.

We really have ought to kept going to San Remo where Sister, the Bone Doctor and Little Jo are camping, but we only got as far as Brighton. I swung the motor right into North Road and there was the beach and a place selling coffee. We barely walked a hundred metres while there. It was too warm. Instead, we bought take away coffees (excellent coffees) and sat on the old peoples seats under the shade cloth. I admired some of the views (see picture, no time to allow the camera to focus but they must be twins, or at least brothers), and watched the children playing.

The wooden ship construction for kiddies to play in had some nice recesses, which I thought would be excellent areas to use for overnight shooting up into the veins. I suppose the person who opens the gate in the morning checks for passed out drunks and syringes, but then it is Braighton after all.

Something I must ask my mother tomorrow when we see her for her birthday, is about North Road Brighton Beach. I recall my grandfather taking us there for a beach outings. I recall going on the North Road bus with my grandmother to the beach. But where is the beach? It is all rocks and stones (see picture). Childhood memories can be very defective.


  1. Didn't the North Road bus always go to Elwood Beach, not North Road Beach?

  2. As I said, defective childhood memories. It would be the route 630? I thought we may have walked the last bit of North Road if it tuned at St Kilda Street, but it doesn't look like it does. I doubt we walked from Head Street corner. I am even more confused about the beach now as there does not seem to be a nearby bus.

  3. I have consulted my older cousin who knows the area quite well and your childhood memories aren't defective, but she is going to double check with her older brother-in-law who grew up there.
    The rocks,etc are part of foreshore soil erosion prevention from approx. the 1970's.
    There used to be a North Rd Life Saving Club which was absorbed into the Brighton Life Saving Club and the clubhouse (and all other structures like kiosks,etc) demolished.
    As swimming was banned after the rocks were installed, we think the bus route would have been altered, where it most probably terminated right near the foreshore originally, like the 630 Elwood Beach bus does.

  4. Brighton is expensive, but quite dull and on a floodplain - so it wouldn't be a wise investment.

    Although the beach is sure nice (especially if there were topless girls). Speaking of which, don't you think it's difficult to shoot someone without them noticing? And if they notice, a nice run should see you evade capture.

  5. Very nice view indeed!!!

  6. I have now checked with my mother and it is as you say about the beach Jayne and she also took us herself on the bus to the beach. It stopped right at the beach. I suppose it is a closed route. She does recall that the another bus along North Road went to Elwood.

    'Tis dull Reuben, but it is quite familiar to me. It is hard to take photos like that Reuben. Have a good story ready and fiddle with the camera, aim at something else, then swing the camera around and click.

    One each Jo. They were nearly identical, so nothing to fight about.

  7. Looking at an old street directory, there wasn't a bus to Elwood Beach from North Road. The route marked followed the 630 route, then turned left into Drake Street and right into North Road and terminated at the beach. The street directory could be from the 40s or 50s.

  8. "I vaguely recall something about a prostitute rolling a a big rock over Jesus and he awoke from a two day pass out after drinking too many casks of papyrus vino and then bottoming for some seriously kinky action while attached to a timber upright and cross piece."

    I'm not going to make the usual joke about 'Peter...I can see your house from up here.' There's probably gangs of fundamentalist American Christians loading up their rifles and buying tickets to Oz as I type...

  9. Seeing those two guys makes me wish I could be a topless guy without scaring kids and alerting authorities. Well, even being a singlet bloke would be good enough.

  10. My man and I both grew up in almost separate lives at Beaumaris Beach, but never made it to Brighton.

    What a shame about the rocks. You'd thik the coucil would come and throw some sand on as well.

  11. I know the 630 used to run all the way to Elwood Beach circa 1980s; I think it stops somewhere around Elsternwick Park nowadays.

  12. I am safe while RH is not around Brian.

    It is their idea of self fulfilment Rob, not mine. I just admire and they are happy for people to admire as that is why they parading and they were certainly doing that.

    They clearly don't want anyone swimming there Bliss. Push them down towards the expensive eating areas at the Baths.

    Does a bit of a loop Daniel. Interesting to find all this out.

  13. Bliss, I'm a Mentone Beach girl and I've never been to Brighton.

    Andrew, RH seems to be MIA at the moment.

  14. I had noticed Jah Teh.