Monday, March 24, 2008

I am cool

She who never sleeps always wakes from a nap with a stern and grumpy demeanour. It lasts less than five minutes before she is laughing, clapping, waving and attempting to speak. Little Jo had her first jetski ride yesterday and after the camping weekend at San Remo, she will be travelling to Brisbane next week for a couple of days.


  1. Just make sure she doesn't end up in any resteraunts...

  2. LOL She is cool.
    What a cutie :)

  3. Andrew, She is such a cute bubby!! Very cool and she is a jetsetter too!

  4. Not too many anti baby rants of late Brian. Nor jetski ones either for that matter.

    And thoroughly in control of everyone Jayne.

    LiD, I said to my sister that Little Jo has her mother's thighs. She was not happy.

  5. Looks like she's fitted out in skydiving gear, and with those shades (pink frames aside) she looks like of the "Blues Sisters"?

    Jakeline or Ellewood?

    She seems to have the requisite pneumatic undefined baby knees which eventually disappear after a few months of walking - then reappear around age 60-70 when walking is again low on the list of easily accomplished undertakings.

  6. "looks like one of the ..."

  7. It's not the width but the length of those legs, another future Elle McPherson in the making?

  8. Isn't she gorgeous! How did she go on the jet ski?

    It's so lovely to hear what a happy baby she is - I can imagine she'll be thrilled to see how fashion forward she was in years to come.

  9. Oh, very funny.You made me laugh out loud! So cheeky Andrew.

  10. Wow she's growing so quickly and looks like a very healthy bub.

  11. Pop culture ignorance M'lord. Never heard of them.

    No argument from me MD.

    Athletic I expect Jahteh, like her mother.

    I wasn't there Rosanna, but I believe ok.

    I'm worse in real life LiD, cheeky that is.

    Not ever sick yet Jo.

  12. Sorry Shirl, I was being too clever by half again. (Fancy that!)

    "The Blues Brothers", Jake and Elwood.