Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hope for a blog reader

No names, although she has written about it herself, but it just doesn't seem right to name her. One dear blogging mate has a sister with a serious drug dependency . She does not have much to do with her sister anymore, who caused much trouble in the blog mate's and her family's life. This is a tale of hope but ultimately not.

We have a friend who is an ambo driver, sorry paramedic. She has a brother who had a serious drug problem. Abuse of parents, theft of money from them, hocking their possessions etc etc. He took the parents and his sister to hell and back.

It has taken years, maybe more than a decade but he is finally drug free. He moved to Perth and started a job and his life was really together, only be diagnosed with a fatal, not drug related, disease. What a bugger.

Perhaps all the effort that goes into rehabilitating those who are drug addicted, can pay off. It did in his case.


  1. Used to work with the (revolving door) drink and drug addicts in the psych sector. Yes, the hard work does pay off with the ones you can reach but it's physically and mentally draining, stressful on everything and everyone, and can take years, if ever, to find that beloved soul that was lost to drink/drugs.
    I got a pleasant shock to meet a reformed alcoholic patient one day - stunningly gorgeous guy now dressed smartly, groomed to within an inch of his life, relaxed,intelligent,witty and (we checked with his doctor) earning $250,000 per year as the CEO of a large business, married to a surgeon with twin sons...from a drink addled filthy bum who'd sleep, literally, in the gutter and had done so for over 12 years.
    But by God it's exhausting to work with 'em!

  2. I bet it is hard work Jayne, I bet it is. I suppose the successes make it worth while.

  3. They do, if you don't become a burned out cynical old cow like some I see in the mirror each day lol ;)

  4. Sometimes I think the hard work is a thousand times necessary. Sometimes I think it's worth it - that it's making a difference.

    Other times - too many times - I feel like throwing it back in her face, too.

    Hard work doesn't always pay off.

  5. I guess it is different for professionals Rosanna. For family, at some point you would just have to let go.

  6. Decriminalization and rehabilitation are the most scientifically sound, evidence-based and legitimate forms of treatment for drug abuse. After all, druggies are victims of their own addiction. The dealers on the other hand are scum and should be treated as such (the insinuation involves some sexual re engineering).

  7. Or, as a policewoman acquaintance asked the ambo driver who about to administer Narcan to an o/d patient, please miss the vein.