Friday, March 07, 2008

Head banging on a wall

My reply to this nonsense below will something along the lines of: Thank you for the information, however, you have not answered the question I asked, that is why can't my local convenience store sell Metcards?

I have heard your spokesperson talk of 'consistency of supply', and 'viability of businesses'. If you are doubtful about the success of the new business, best you let me know and I will pass the bad news onto them before they pump any more money into the business.

The email went on and on with telling me everything I already know about Myki concluding with how I could make a formal complaint to the Transport Ombudsman. Please, I just want to buy a ticket for the tram.

Dear Mr Highriser

Thank you for your feedback regarding Metcard retail agents and the availability of tickets.

I have forwarded your concerns onto the Transport Ticketing Authority as they are implementing the Myki smartcard ticketing system and retail agent enquiries. For your information you can also purchase tickets online via our website at .

Full details have not yet been finalised for the new ticketing arrangements however it is envisaged that this system will be introduced early in 2008.

The basic arrangement will be for the Myki smart card you buy to be scanned as you enter and leave the public transport. The system will then calculate the best fare available to you for that journey and take the money ........


  1. "The system will then calculate the best fare available to you for that journey and take the money..."

    And machines, of course, are always right, as the automated response to your inquiry shows.

  2. Indeed Brian. The new system will be similar to London's Oyster Card.

  3. ...and when you do get YOUR question answered could you then ask the NSW Government on behalf of all of us in Sydney why they can't get their Transport Card up and running without throwing $100 million of taxpayers money away.

  4. I know Victor, I know. Ours could go the same way. I am not sure why it costs so much to reinvent the wheel. Plastic transport cards with credit on them have been around for years elsewhere.

  5. When this card carrying atheist sees Myki up and operating, we'll be banging on the church door begging to be admitted.

  6. London's Oyster Card? Sounds like a Viagra prescription for Cockneys.

  7. Why can't we just have tram conductors and manned stations?

    Can you imagine how many people will be trying to get refunds on tickets they were overcharged for because the system made a little error?

  8. Hmph! It'll be more than a little error and more than 1 or 2 I reckon LiD! Tram conductors and manned stations is all too much like logic and commonsense.

  9. M'lord, I expect some rumbling in the universe if you fronted up to a church.

    And Brian, you just reminded me of something about venereal diseases and London that I read in Popbitch.

    Ladies, it ain't gonna happen, however sound the idea is.

    So long as they log off as the get off LiD, I can't see how they will be overcharged. Yes, I am naieve.

  10. I told you to scratch London off your 'Tourist List'. 'Tis a pox riddled place.

  11. Yep ... Lid & Jayne - :
    Why can't we just have tram conductors and manned stations?"
    We baby boom-ers all remember the days of multiple employees on upline and downline stations - oh wait, those were the days when there wasn't an UNemployment problem. silly me.

    There are newsagent blogs where the issews with Met tickets are bewailed - apparently the newsies get ripped off too.

  12. Anonymous11:13 am

    Uncustomer, unsafe, unintelligent, uneconomical and unevironmental are the five poignant 'Uns'.