Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Good Friday @ RBG

So, so busy. I am barely keeping up with my favourite bloggers. I put reading them before posting my own stuffs. If I haven't commented on your blog, it is because I could not think of anything in .05 seconds. I must be spreading myself to thinly, but there is not really anything I can cull.

Good Friday is a boring day in Australia. Shops are shut. No one organises much. I thought I was working and so had nothing planned. We ended up visiting the brother friends in the afternoon and helping them with their pornography machine computer. In the morning, we took a walk in Melbourne's Royal Botanic Gardens.

I feel this first picture that I took as we left home gives me full justification to smack anyone in the mouth who says, don't worry about the grass in our water starved times, it will come back. Captions are above. Click the pics for a bigger picture.

This is the Royal Botanic Gardens Lily Pond. We sat on a donated bench seat and watched the birds for a while. I could have just stayed there as it was so beautiful.
A flower bed. I thought everywhere had got ridden of them all. I could not believe how beautiful it would be to see lush green grass. I should have gone to the Grand Prix where they watered grass from the very depleted Albert Park Lake. Note Eureka Tower in background.
Someone's partner nearest the camera. RBG have watering exemptions and have replaced cool season grasses with warm climate grasses. Duh! About this point, Highriser sunglasses fell out of pocket, unnoticed. Note Eureka tower between the trees.
I always thought Pampas Grass was a pest. But here it is in its splendid glory. Note how low the water level in the lake is. The lake is part of the old course of the Yarra River. Gubbas liked to engineer some straight lines.
The birds seem quite happy with a depleted lake. Not sure that the eels feel the same.
We exited at the Observatory Gate and walked not too far from the Shrine of Remembrance. I can't help but think of all those cute boy soldiers and all their wasted seed that should have procreated. We really ought to be a smarter than go to war with anyone. City of Melbourne has installed some drip irrigation lines for trees in this area of parkland. What we saw was lines of green grass on the high side of trees. At least they are doing something more than City of Port Phillip. Note Eureka Tower in pic. I love Eureka Tower. It can be seen from here, from the west, from the north, south and east. It is a bit like the Sydney Harbour Bridge or the Opera House. You get glimpses of them in inner Sydney, and a view of the Eureka is never far away in inner Melbourne.


  1. "If I haven't commented on your blog, it is because I could not think of anything in .05 seconds."

    You've never commented on my blog...but, to be honest, I don't blame you. As my grandmother always used to say, "If you can't think of anything nice to say about someone, just hit 'em."

  2. I have on one of your blogs Brian. Only just noticed that you have another.

  3. Don't you feel guilty about no comments. You are so dedicated, answering everyone's comments on yours.

    I know myself, sometimes your energies flag a little, and sometimes you've got lots to say.

    I really enjoy your blog, because it's about the city we grew up with. The Shrine, the gardens, and city life. And you are thoughtful and kind about the people you write about.

  4. That's a conundrum I face or write?

    Hope things return to normal for you sometime soon.

  5. Oh my God! It was only a matter of months age that Mia and I followed Sarah's excursion bus to the Botanics and it looks so much worse than it was back then. The lake is so depleted from then also! Back only 8 years ago I had my Agency Christmas party there on the lake in the Botanics and well, it was so much more full.
    Pampas bushes.. we seen a plebty of them driving from South Australia along the Fleurieu Coast and the Limestone Coast, I wondered if they are this drough tolerant and salt tolerant, and so they must be.
    Come to think of it, we had a few of them in our yard as a kid, out in the sticks, and well, it was the 80's drough then and we didnt spare any water for the plants other than our washing water.
    Sad you lost your glasses :( I hate that!

  6. I just read back down to Dame M's Funeral post Andrew. I think she was such a beautiful lady, just look at that image of her there. Yes, White Lady's do it very well don't they?
    I read the bit about Wendy Harmer also, I love that woman too! Always have to view her on telly when I see it advertised. She is such a laugh really.
    I also see Litte Jo "Doesn't Do Mornings!" Huh, I am not alone!

  7. Great photos, very good point on the grass - I never thought I'd miss it either till it was gone!

  8. Thanks Bliss, but I am not always so nice.

    They are certainly drought tolerant Cazzie, and it would seem salt too. Not towards the end Cazzie, but I must remember Dame M was a lot of fun too.

    Yes Jayne, I didn't realise how much either until I saw the very lush grass. Beautiful.

  9. On the Eureka Tower. You can use it for navigating the Western Ring Road. As long as it's over your right shoulder you are travelling clockwise, and vice versa.

    Have ever noticed that from different angles it looks like a completely different building? Most sky scrapers look the same all the way round.

  10. Oh yeah, almost forgot. Are there still eels and tortoises in the lake in the "RBG"? (how PC) I remember watching them when on a school excursion when I was in prep.

  11. It does look different from different places Ben. I have seen it from the four compass points, and angles in between. I love it. Did you know it is pretty well empty though? Very little lighting in the building at night.

    I am sure the eels are still there, although I didn't check. Of course they don't stay there (I think). They migrate. I recall reading how they get from the Yarra to the lake, but I forget now.