Monday, March 10, 2008

El Syd

Today we braved the Moomba (no link, you don't want to know if you don't already) crowds to see the Sidney Nolans exhibition at Fed Square. It was sad that it was so hot for kiddies who watched the Moomba parade. There is no way in the world I would have taken kiddies there. They would have fried in the 38 degree heat that it reached a bit later, 100 in the very old money.

The Ian Potter Centre was blissfully cool and we wandered the exhibition. Maybe it is because I have seen so many of his paintings reproduced, but I found the exhibition not so exciting. I was a bit afraid to express what I liked and what I didn't as I had heard that the curator hung everything he could get and he thought some were really bad. There was one picture I really liked, which was probably a bad one. It was of Robe St, St Kilda and there was bunting strung across the street. I would guess the bunting was to celebrate the coronation of the queen. Perhaps there had been a street party. Sidney Nolan was a bit of an old grump from what I recall of him.

We adjourned to the less than cool Riverland for a couple of Asahis and a bowl of chips and then home to the cool.

I don't care how much the air con costs to run or how much damage it does to the environment, I cannot live with out it. Every minute I am working in the heat, I am happy because I am earning to pay for my home air con.


  1. I had to look Sydney Nolan up, but I was particularly impressed by his 'Death of Sergeant Kennedy at Strinbgbark Creek'. For some unknown reason it reminded me of a Terry Gilliam cartoon.

  2. I am jealous, it's been almost 6 years since I went to an exhibition. I didn't know about the temperature until I got home and I couldn't live without the air conditioner either.

  3. Never been to Moomba

  4. I hope your Riverland experience was more pleasant than my most recent one. Sounds like a lovely afternoon, in any case.

  5. Sir Sidney I believe Brian. he is famous here for his Ned Kelly pictures, an almost Robin Hood type character.

    Don't you feel worse once you know how hot it is Jah Teh.

    You don't know what you are missing Rob.

    Pretty good MD and not crowded for once. Just so there is no misunderstanding, MD had no problem with the venue itself, just some customers.

  6. I really do want to go see that exhibit, I love art and I liked hi work alot. I seen his grand daughter on telly being interviewed and she was lovely. She had such fond memories of her grandad too, nice family ones..she said he was a bit of a joker, which is just like my grandad too :)