Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dyke Deborah

It takes a very big feather to knock me down usually, but this one did. Ex model, tv show presenter, ex partner of previously gaoled Harry M. Miller, socialite and social commentator Deborah Hutton is a lesbian or at least a bi-sexual.

Not that there is anything wrong with that of course. Some of my best friends.......

I know her mostly from when she used to make social commentary on our local gay radio station Joy. Duh, clue 1 missed. She also made social commentary on our local ABC radio station.

I always thought she was a hoot. Very witty, dry and laconic. In fact I would go so far as saying she was fabulous.

Being a model I suppose was the reason she was always beautifully dressed and groomed. Her speaking voice is very pleasant.

She has spent the last seven years shacked up with her gold medal winning hockey player girlfriend in Sydney's beach suburb Tamarama.

I have now picked myself up off the grass of Fawkner Park where I was informed of this momentous news and I say good luck to you Debs.

Pic from her website. She won't sue when I said such nice things, will she.


  1. Anonymous9:30 pm

    I have a lot of time for Deborah Hutton. She's elegant, intelligent and you never, ever hear of her involved in any media catfights.

    As far as I'm concerned, she's a brilliant role model for young women.

  2. Yes well MD, you are not likely to hear much bad about her when she has Harry M. Miller as her agent. But I like her too.

    Fancy a bit of girl on girl with her Daisy Jo?

  3. If I looked like that I'd be a lesbian too.

  4. Um, can you arrange it? :)

  5. Had to think about that one Brian. I think I've got it.

    Do you own procuring Daisy Jo!

  6. First I knew about it was reading about her private life in The Hun yesterday! Apparently she broke up with her g/f and there's rumours she's now dating some young toy boy or whatever.
    She's all style and class ;)

  7. Anonymous3:21 pm

    Only just finding out about this now down in Melb? You use the bush telegraph down there? Was sooo last years news up here in Sincity.

  8. First I heard too Jayne. As anon says, our gossip ears are not as finely honed as those of Sincity siders.

  9. Anonymous6:20 pm

    She is involved with a high profile news girl and this toy boy thing is all a front. Hary M Miller was also a front. It's a pity high profile "living the gay life" behind close doors don't come out and show that normal gorgeous people can be gay too! The thing that disappoints me is that they need to publicise their "hetreo" side.

  10. Andrew you way behind the times...

  11. OMG, is that why I am in such admiration of her, not just her looks?? I remember a special on her on telly a while back showing her abode and how she lived with two other women, who of course had their own 1/3 of the palatial apartment they shared...equiped with their own lovely bathrooms and such things.
    I love how she looks in white, always lovely..and her voice..oh well, now I know.

  12. Yeah, I would have guessed that Anon. She doesn't need to hide now.

    Well Jo, why did you not inform me at the earliest opportunity?

    Failed to mention that some beds in the abode were shared Cazzie. Lol re her voice. It is quite deep.