Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Decorators

As Brian put it in a comment, the decorators have been visiting.

Do not decide to play around with templates late at night after a couple of glasses of Colombard's finest Chardonnay.

Thankfully when switching to the new way of publishing your blog, the old template is saved, sort of. This morning I realised it was in a bit of a mess. I did not like the new style of blog editing, well actually, I did not understand it. But I did want a new look, so I stuck with the old method and just changed the template. Mistake. Nearly all editing had been lost.

Right, bite the bullet. Change to the new system and learn how it works. I did. One area caused me great stress. It would not do what it says it will do. A look at the knowledge base cleared that one. Remove the 2 in the web url that may be there. It was, I removed it and all worked.

It will take some playing to get all running again. If I have left you off my blog list, it was probably deliberate. Just kidding. I will get it right soon enough. If you are not keen on the way your name is displayed or the heading you are under, let me know via email.


  1. Anonymous1:05 pm

    Love the new look, Andrew. Was the header picture taken from your place?

  2. Me too... Green is my fave colour.

  3. I like the new look..change can be good. I know, I put off changing over for a very long time also..but, it has been ok since then really. I do love the header image :)

  4. Yes, our view MD. Looking down on the not so cheap seats in South Yarra.

    A tick from Jo. She has style.

    And another from Cazzie, thanks.

  5. Looks great Andrew, I love the pic. And woo hoo, I made it to your blog roll.

  6. Anonymous4:48 pm

    I agree. It's fantastic and very modern which adds a nice touch.

  7. Both well overdue Tony.

    Thanks Reuben. Your appreciation as a younger person is valued.

  8. You chose the green to match your hangover, right?

    The colour is very soothing to the eyes now where's the naked bloke background?

  9. Buggery bum ... oops, 'scuse my Hughesian Howerdism. Now one can't expand the comments window!!

  10. The Emperor has new clothes!!

    I like it very much.

  11. I've noticed that every time the good people at Blogger decide to 'upgrade' their programs 'allowing for a more and varied blogging experience' the whole thing gets worse and worse to actually use. Well...it does for me at any rate. Typeset won't stay the same size, photos and illustrations go astray, links don't work and now I can't update my side-panel without a four hour rigmarole involving a hammer.

  12. totally luving the fresh template!

    And Im a a VIP in ur blog, woohoo Im chuffed Andrew :)

    tnxx it looks fine to me!


  13. Looks good. I find the new layout tools are great, adding links and other elements to the page is really easy now. (Mr Google/Blogger, you can quote that if you like.)

    That header image is spectacular. Looks like a nice winters day in Melbourne.

  14. Only on extra special nights to I partake of spirits and have a hangover Jah Teh. No naked bloke pics. I have children on my blog list.

    Like I care that you cannot expand horizontally M'lord?

    My American betrothed is terribly clever with her comment. I luvs her.

    I felt the same earlier today Brian, but it is has worked for me. I feel a little pride. The result is not perfect but well on the way.

    You have been on the blog roll or VIP list for a long time Keshi.

    Once I learnt how it worked Ben, and the stumble over the www2, I thought it was pretty good. I just remembered that I took a stitch photo, and that was one bit of it. I noticed somewhat later after it was uploaded, that it was a winter pic.

  15. That is a stunning photo Andrew and not a view I have seen represented very often. It suits your blog beautifully. As said earlier, loving the new blog style. It is very easy on the eye.

  16. Thanks LiD. It wasn't my first choice, but it fitted the space available best. In retrospect it should have been my first choice. I'll have to do something about the name on it though.

  17. Woo hoo from me too!