Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dame M update

How long is it since I wrote last about Dame M? A few weeks, maybe four. She has fought tooth and nail to prevent herself receiving any medical treatment.

We have all been visiting, cajoling, threatening and she has finally relented. For the last four weeks she has barely eaten, taken barely any fluids. She has a bed sore. Her weight is down to 45kg. Her ankles are swollen like balloons. She has been washed a few times by one of the Mountain Women, who was a nurse. No amount of tasty tidbits will make her eat more than a mouthful. She was no longer strong enough to get out of bed on her own.

After a visit by an aged care nurse friend of our dyke friend last night, she agreed finally to go to hospital. The threat that she would be compulsorily put in a nursing home must have helped.

I received a call from the dyke friend last night asking if I could take her and the boarder to hospital today. I arrived after ten this morning and the boarder had her packed and ready.

Half an hour later we were at Cabrini Emergency department and the wheels of the system started to work as we knew they would. ECG and bloods taken, a wait on a trolley until test result come back and then either a bed would be found for her there or a transfer to Malvern Private Hospital.

The triage nurse was already to blame her GP for Dame M's condition and that she had slipped through the cracks, but we told the nurse that she has never really had one. Dame M chipped in, I am stubborn. No one's fault but mine.

Although incredibly thin, she looked quite regal sitting up in bed as I said my goodbyes a couple of hours later. We are all so relieved that she is finally getting care.


  1. Thank goodness she's in hospital at last!
    Both of those are great hosp's (from a nursing opinion) so hopefully they'll get her sorted soon, right after they've piled the weight back on her!

  2. Anonymous3:53 pm

    Nothing like stubborn grumpy old folks eh? I should know I am growing into one. Old age its what we all look forward to......not!!!

  3. Anonymous4:26 pm

    Oh, I'm so glad to hear she's in hospital now. I feared no-one would be able to convince her. I hope she's back on her feet again soon. Vik.

  4. Yes Jayne, weight gain is critical. Last time I was at Cabrini, there were nuns everywhere. Not one to be seen today.

    Stubborn she is anon, forthright too, but not really grumpy.

    Good news eh Vik. I have a photo of you at one of her parties.

  5. I am so glad Andrew. I really am! It must be such a relief for you.

  6. Buy her some grapes on our behalf. (Charge them to the Vice Regal Cayman Island account.)

  7. Thank the Gummy Mary that she relented..finally! Well done to all you wonderful people she can truly call friends..for without you all she would, as you know, be in a worse position very soon.
    I do hope she gets marvellous care and is as comfortable as possible. In the heat that is coming, I am glad she will be in a climate controlled hospital room and receiving top care.

  8. Aye, it is LiD.

    In the past she may have tried to ferment them M'lord, but not now.

    She was absolutely terrified Cazzie. I don't think she has been in hospital as a patient before. Afraid of losing control, afraid of what may be found, afraid of never returning home.

  9. Oh, I'm so glad. I hope she starts improving with a quickness.

  10. Sure she will Daisy Jo.

  11. I'm glad she's getting some help, Andrew. I hope she's giving the nurses hell (what a character she sounds - I should like to meet her).

    Send her my best wishes