Thursday, March 13, 2008

ABC Website

M'lord's mate Declan has been promoted from news writer and proof reader at the newspapers to webmaster at ABC Melbourne local radio.

Just wondering Declan, have you heard of Firefox? Many people use it and it needs to be able to be viewed with Firefox.

Now Declan, one broken link on a page is bad, but three?

And I don't like the bright green.

You really did 'shoot your bolt' a little early Declan.

Edit: I should have published this faster. It is actually working better now. Why did they release it well before it was ready?


  1. Seems like the ABC's "Just in" news page also fell off the edge of the earth today. Nearly 10 hours without updates.

    (See, that famous expat, John Howard is right. The whole world is going to Hell in a hand basket now that Janette is no longer in charge.)

  2. BTW. Not that many people (other than Coppertop's sister and me) give a tinker's cuss, but the TAB's website is a REAL shocker if you are a Firefox user. (Obviousy optimised for Internet Explorer)

    Foolishly I took advantage of the TAB's feedback facility to point out this anomaly, only to get an automated response which informed me that "due to the volume of comments and inquiries the TAB does not respond to comments and inquiries".


  3. So this is how things end up when the PM's wife has a job.

    Gamblers don't tend use Firefox then. That must tell me something but I am too tired. Nothing makes me madder than no legitimate way to email a website.