Monday, February 04, 2008

Gay Pride

Wow, what a good day. We bought a 21st birthday card for nephew at city post office and did not get charged for it. Also picked up at same an almost pocket size UBD Melbourne street directory for under $4. Found some stapler refills for less than $2, and then a Sony 3GB memory stick at OfficeWorks for less than $20 with a three year warranty. R made French toast for breakfast, certainly put a good lining on my stomach.

Bashed off to Gay Pride March in St Kilda and met up with friends of old and new variety.

Ha, in that medical marching group, that looks like the bone doctor. Hang on, there is sister. Wait, there is little Jo on her first march strapped onto the back of the bone doctor. Little Jo looked a bit perplexed by the crowds and attention.

Caught up with them briefly a bit later and little Jo smiled at all and sundry. They were off to Soul Mamas for dinner with their group and then sis was going onto our mother's for the night and the bone doctor to their new flat that did not get electric switched on Friday as it was supposed to.

Our friends were off for somewhere for dinner, but we did not feel like going, so we split up. I checked the time, 6.45 then the tram times I had noted down. Damn, 7.13. There was already a sizable number waiting for the tram, so we trudged back to St Kilda Junction and waited for another tram.

How come they can massively alter the tram service for next weekend's St Kilda Festival bacchanalia but not put a couple of extra trams on for Pride March?


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  2. Twas a grand day by all accounts !

  3. You would reckon they'd accomodate the gay pride crowd for sure Andrew.. gah!

  4. March was good Jayne. Really not sure about the afterwards. We did not stay long.

    Yeah, well Cazzie, it is only the last couple of years that they have done something for St Kilda Festival.