Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Visitor not welcome

Occasionally some very brave flies get up high enough to enter our home. My Buddhist sympathies go out the window as I despatch them with one of Samuel Taylor's finest products.

Spiders, I live and let live, unless I see a nasty looking one but I never have here. I have never seen a daddy long legs here. Remarkable. They clearly suffer from vertigo.

We had one attack of ants. They got into my depilatory wax, but they disappeared of their own accord and never returned.

Bogong moths make an annual visit. R hates them. I don't worry about them unless they land on my face when I am in bed.

Some very little flying critters kamikaze around light and lamp fittings.

Never had a mosquito here.

But we have a new type of visitor. My Sydney friend is in constant war with them and rants to me regularly about them. Sydney is like that. Daniel has been bothered by them quite a bit.

But I never thought I would see a cockroach in the highrise. Lo and behold, R found one in a kitchen cupboard. It scuttled away. Perhaps the oiled cast iron fry pan attracted it or the oiled wok.

Now I should check to make sure by R's description that it is a pest cockroach and not a native one, but really, what would a native one be doing here?

Cocky baits coming to a highrise soon.

PS Post interrupted by laughing until I cried at the end of Spicks and Specks.


  1. Bloody cockies have had a population explosion everywhere!

    Pass the tissues, we were crying at Spicks and Specks too !

  2. Found first cockroach in my flat too for the first time ever.
    PS Best Spicks and Specks ending EVA!

  3. Maybe you've got dirty new neighbors?

  4. Native cockroaches live under logs and stuff in the bush, I highly doubt they'd be hiding under your fridge. Annihilate the beggars!

    I now see Adam Hills in a whole new light, that's for sure. WTF? Probably the best ending of Spicks and Specks ever.

  5. We don't have any buildings higher than two floors in Fleetwood, so rather than flitty, annoying creatures getting in, we suffer from cats. Especially the flowerbeds.

  6. Wonder why Jayne?

    Clearly social climbing roaches Altissima.

    Well Daisy Jo, someone has moved in above and....nah, I shan't go there.

    Will do Ben!

    A high velocity water pistol should be your weapon of choice Brian.

  7. I'm like you. I don't kill many creatures but cockroaches are the absolute pits. I never used to see cockroaches around - except in the Fitzroy / Collingwood area. Old pipes I guess. But recently I have been noticing the odd one creeping around. Big Sydney style ones too. Someone is bringing them down in their luggage.

  8. If that's as bad as it gets Andrew you're lucky. We have had a terrible ant problem and I've never seen as many wasps as I have lately. I see the occasional cocky, thousands of flies every day, quite a few spiders and the occasional snake.

    Bogong moths were really bad a few years back. I left the bug zapper on over night and in the morning there was a pile beneath it that would have filled both my kitchen sinks.

  9. Yes LiD. You must be right. It is Sydney siders fault. The bring them in their luggage. There clearly is a problem with them here now.

    Jo, nature is all very well, but we don't co-exist very well when it is in our faces. You could blame most of the recent critters on the weather.