Thursday, February 07, 2008

VCAT strikes again

Our state government, well actually VCAT, but it is virtually the same thing, has approved the construction of this building at Camberwell Junction.

As is often the case, it blends in beautifully with its surrounds.

Even though this is just an artist's impression, which I have learnt to always distrust, it still looks hideous.

Note the lack of cars in the picture. It must 4.30 am Tuesday morning.

Normally cars and trams are banked up in all directions as far as the eye can see. Camberwell Junction has been declared an area for population growth. I cannot understand why such a congested area needs more people.

Story here.


  1. Another eyesore proving the lack of taste in design is still flourishing and being awarded.
    Blech and gag.

  2. I don't like this at all. What a horror. Who on earth do they get to design these things? Talk about sore thumb. No sense of the historical nature of the suburb, proportions or elegance. Disaster.

  3. Victoria's planning system is fraught with injustice and plain stupidity. Just look at the proposed East-West tunnel.

  4. All, doesn't it rather defeat the purpose of local government? If a council is rich enough to resist a significant increase in rate income, ought not the people's opinions prevail?

  5. I used to work in a very good coffee shop right at the junction and you're right. The last thing Camberwell junction needs is more congestion. It could be a really nice area, but it's just so tacky and this new monstrosity isn't going to help.
    Again, thanks for keeping me up to date on everything back home!

  6. Not my favourite area Jiminy. Are you blogging from Italian Alps?

  7. Ah, I see. You are still in London because you forgot your passport. Never mind. You will laugh later.....maybe.

  8. Bloody hell! The ghost of the Flinders St Gas and Fuel Corporation building rises from the grave.

  9. I checked and you have not put on copywrite on that sentence M'lord. I shall use it often, ghost of the gas and fuel.

  10. "Ghost of the Gas and Fuel". Very apt.

  11. (apologisies for the mass-commenting Andrew, but I've been in Adelaide)

    I've never seen this artists impression. God, it looks FOUL. And I wonder where the trees will come from? There aren't any there now!

    I wonder what perspective this is taken from? Which road is which?

    It will look ridiculous - Camberwell Junction is not flashy at all. Sure, it has clothes shops and cafes and book stores and all sorts, but it isn't gaudy and several stories high!

    How ridiculous.

    I am furious about the re developement of Camberwell station also. It is just a beautiful old station of which there are too few left. I loathe Box Hill station for a reason - I don't want my local to turn into a similar station.

    Funny how passionate you get about home. We have several celebs campaigning on our behalf but then, so did St Kilda. And it did no good anyway.

  12. In reverse order, the St Kilda battle is far from over.

    Box Hill, I am familiar with it, is not a good example for anyone to push for.

    Dame M's old friend Geoffery Rush being one of the celebs against Camberwell Station redevelopment.

    The new buildings are where that gothic looking art gallery and nearby car yard are. The art gallery previously being an ANZ bank with drive through banking, the first in Australia I think. South West corner.

    But you can buy big trees.

  13. The main reason why I'm against such developments is that insufficient infrastructure is provided. The government genuinely believe that growth is possible without rail extensions! Such sheer lunacy.