Thursday, February 28, 2008

Spicks and Specks Time Warp

It does rather lose something on youtube and the element of surprise has gone if you have seen it already, but anyway, here it is. You may have to wait some time before the clip works.


  1. And I thought I was all spicked and specked out. Wasn't that great?

    I've never seen Rocky Horror and chastise myself regularly for not.

  2. Adam Hill does Dolly Downer.

    No, Shirl, don't go all Frankie Howerd on us!

    Anyhow Hill (straight, gay or any of the stops along the way) would have more taste than that

  3. Oh yeahhhh, I LOVE It!!! See what I miss when I am at work, gah!!

  4. Well worth seeing just the film Bliss.

    Adam Hill is as str8 as you are M'lord. But he did wear the fish nets with a bit more panache than Dolly.

    Penalties are not enough compensation Cazzie.

  5. there's a cultural void. I recognise Richard O'Brien...and the Rocky Horror Picture Show, of course...and that's about it. All we get of Ozzie t.v. over here is Neighbours, Home and Away and Rolf Harris. Bleah! I think I need to wash my mouth out with soap and water after that sentence.

  6. The rest are local comedians of sorts except for the narrator who is an opera singer I think. Rolf was born in England, lives in England, keep him. I read today that Neighbours has moved from the BBC to commercial. And is a big ratings success. It is great that you in the UK can see what the real Australia is like via Neighbours.

  7. The female offspring, Feral Queen, missed it but ABC2 repeated the show last night.
    I loves my ABC2 lol.
    Feral Queen and her mates always dress up and attend the Astor Cinema on NY Eve for the Rocky Horror film/experience/competition/weird people let loose for the night fun.

  8. Rolf Harris is British?!

    Right...move over...I'm emigrating.

  9. We went to one blah blah years ago Jayne. Somewhere in Richmond I think. Great fun.

    Consider Hobart Brian. The rest of the country fries your brain in the summer.