Tuesday, February 12, 2008


The subject line is the last bit of silliness and attempted humour in this post. This is serious, so stop laughing.

You overseas readers can do some research if you are interested in the details but I am not going into them much here. I am less than impressed when Australia is criticized by overseas folk because of the way we have treated our aboriginal population. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

Yes, I expect sometimes it was in the best interest of the children but mostly I doubt it.

My grandfather died about 1975 I suppose. In his time, much of this happened. He did not know about directly and I am not blaming him for anything, but in his time, aborigines were even shot for sport in our own fair state of Victoria. Perhaps the farmers went rabbit shooting one night and boong shooting the next night.

Ooops, slipped in bad words there.

There is no doubt, and who could deny it, that our ancestors treated treated the local native population appallingly. With bad intent or without matters not.

The results are still around for all to see.

Should we as a nation and the parliament as our representatives say sorry to the folk who have been in our fair land ever so much longer than us, and then we arrived and lorded it over them?

Of course we bloody well should.

PM KRudd, I liked what I heard and I truly hope it makes a difference to some people. I fully support your words and I hope we can now go onward and upward with some rapidity.


  1. Oh yeah, cause we've got room to talk. No stone throwing here.

  2. Phillip Adams wrote an article in this moirning's Australian about the Canadian process for a national apology to indigenous people. The question that was left unanswered? Was it controversial in Canada, as it has been in Australia?

    We have far too many lunatic rednecks in Australia whose views are considered mainstream.

  3. ooooh sorry so does that mean I can keep my darling new cooktop fab apa-a-a-artment hundred dollar hairdo ect?

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    I'm sorry for every geezer I've robbed, but I ain't giving it back.

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  4. "...in his time, aborigines were even shot for sport in our own fair state of Victoria."

    And that's why my own ancestors had you all booted out of Blighty. Still, it does explain why you're always better than us lot on the playing fields.

    At least the Aussies have tried to make some sort ammends though. When Britain was invaded by the Normans in 1066, we had all our lands nicked, our power taken from us and our wealth removed. 1,000 years later, and sod all's changed.
    All the descendants of the froggy aristocracy are still in control, own 90 per cent of the land and wealth, run the country from the House of Lords, and we're expected to kow-tow to the theivin' gits with doffed caps and tugged forelocks.

    Ironically the french had the right idea when they stormed the Bastille.

  5. Aborigines shot for sport?

    The French were ruthless, if they'd got here ahead of the poms to colonise this place -and they almost did, there'd be no Aborigines alive now to apologise to.

  6. Daisy Jo, Europeans seem very good at forgetting and lecturing.

    Lad, I think once people take the compensation business out of their thoughts, they become a bit more reasonable.

    I'm not giving anything back Robert. It is history (well better be careful there) and I am here now. A case I heard of recently in East Gippsland, I would guess near Lake Tyers.

    Brian, I am not sure what brought it up, but that has been discussed recently in our media.

  7. You've said that in your grandfather's day aborigines were shot for sport. I'm asking where this happened, and when.

    Because it's just not true.

  8. Sorry ? For what ?
    Does that mean we are all equal..
    Will the question .... "Are you Indigenous or part" be removed from all personal documents.
    Amazing that question pops up more often than people would imagine.
    WHY? Because if you tick yes your advantaged.

  9. I'm not trying to make you look silly, but aborigines have never been "shot for sport" in this country. The case you mention is clearly something very recent and I'd be surprised indeed if it involved shooting an aborigine for the fun of it.

  10. Well, sorry for past mistreatment I guess Robyn. As for present advantage by declaring yourself part aborignal, I really don't know enough about it. I do think some educational advantage is good for those who come from the more tribal areas. Education is good for all.

    Robert, it was a personal story from someone about my age about his grandfather, so I would guess just after the start of the twentieth century. The location was East Gippsland. I have no doubt some were shot for sport.

  11. You made a definite statement that aborigines in Victoria were shot for sport, presenting it as historical fact. But now it's changed to a story from someone about his grandfather. Well I'm sorry Andrew, this is rubbish. Hysterical nonsense. And I'm very surprised to hear it from you.

  12. I am not up for verifying personal anecdotes or historical research of aboriginal and white relations. I can't prove it to be true, but nor can you prove it to be false. You have your thoughts, I have mine.

    As I have said in the past, I won't let facts spoil my blog. My head line covers it. Take it as fact at your risk.

    I reckon there would be some very good historically accurate blogs about the subject around. Perhaps they will be more worthy to challenge with their facts and figures at hand.

  13. This is the World Wide Web, if you think such defamatory nonsense about the people of this country may not be true you should have said so.

    It is not true.

    There is no record of it.

    But there's a record for this, issued by Governor Phillip in 1789and illustrated with drawings of nooses around the necks of a white man and an aborigine: If an Aborigine murders a white he will be hung for it, if a white murders an aborigine he will be hung for it.

  14. You'd do better to say sorry to the Chinese for attacks on their ancestors by Diggers at Lambing Flat. Or say something about the Kanakas kidnapped from the islands and forced work on Queensland sugar plantations. Child labour in factories is worth an apology too.
    Capitalist Dogs are Capitalist Dogs, poverty is poverty whichever colour you are, it's mighty fine to be on a middle-income and leisurely narrow your concern down to a designer section of it all, unskilled workers -black or white, have been on shit wages for centuries.

  15. Saying Sorry is great but it has to be meant.

    I think Rudd is doing a great job in getting all Aussies together.


  16. I agree with saying sorry but not a blanket apology for the "Stolen Generations" as many, like hubby's great grandmother, were rescued for good reason.

    I know the case you're talking about Andrew, I'll dig up the book on Project Gutenberg that mentions it. Very controversial as it involves a much-lauded white (Scottish?) settler in the Gippsland region and recent removal of statues/plaques commemorating him.

  17. Oh golly, are there no psychotic people in this world, no murderers, dig up some bloody case to say that a weird Scot once used an aborigine as target practice one hundred years ago and stretch it to mean teams of white folks commonly shot them every second night. Hell I'm glad I never got a suave eddication.

  18. Andrew,

    Could you get in touch with that bloke's grandfather you were talking about? I've got a little shooting job he might be interested in, and then perhaps we could all get a bit of peace and quiet.

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  20. That's not very pleasant, Bobbit...I just have an extremely noisy seagull in my back garden that could do with being forcibly removed.

  21. No one should joke at me getting a bullet I know a lot of people.

  22. Don't try to be funny TOO hard.


  23. "No one should joke at me getting a bullet I know a lot of people."

    But none of them actually like you, Bobby. And most of them are sheep.

  24. They didn't shoot them for sport, it was tit for tat that snowballed into massacres.
    Stop sucking on that lemon Robert or the wind will change and your face will stay that way :P

  25. The letter home from a squatter Meyrick in the Quadrant article makes interesting reading Jayne.

    Yes, there were some who were fortunate to be removed, but removal on racial grounds alone was wrong.

    The case I heard of was isolated and not part of any massacre. Although they would not have had electric light then, the image I got was of two lads going out with a spotlight.

  26. Hughes you little pommy bitch I'll tell you something, once you've been threatened with a shooting by someone who'll do it and I have been, you'll never take a joke from anyone about getting shot. I'm tired of your tedious comments and interference with mine and from right now will cease writing to any blog that accepts you.

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  28. Brian only just started commenting on my blog Robert. I am not up for banning people without a good reason. Overt racism, homophobia, sexism, personally offensive comments. You both seem to give as good as you get and I am sure someone finds it entertaining to read, maybe even me.

  29. Robbert,

    Don't stop commenting. I apologise if I inadvertantly overstepped a mark (in keeping with the spirit of this particular posting, of course). I actually find your daily rants amusing (at least, I do when they're comprehensible) and even your prolific swearing and abusive remarks towards me are, in the grand scheme of things, nothing more than two people bickering about stuff that neither of us will ever be able to (and would probably never want to) do anything about.

    I'll tell you what...I'll disappear for a while and leave you alone...or, to put it another way, I'll ban myself from these boards. I know that everyone else enjoys your entertaining diatribes, and I'm not about to spoil that for them. I reckon you probably take your stance as Devil's Advocate a bit too seriously...but I suppose somebody has to do it and I'd hate to think that I was spoiling the fun.

    Keep up the ranting, Robbert. And don't take everything so personally, eh?

  30. Forget about it. I haven't slept for two days, that's all.

  31. Don't say anything.

    Barbara Streisand is onstage.

    For our gay friends.

  32. Hughes don't say anything, I've made mistakes, it's a good heart that wants to make people laugh, and you've been rightly complimented, by Brownie and others.

  33. Robert,

    All right...I know you said 'Don't say anything', but, I can't resist...I really can't. I've tried drugs, I've tried therapy and I've tried alcohol (lots of the latter) and my mouth just seems to have a life all of its own.

    Anyhow, what I wanted to add was that I'm convinced that behind our blogger-board alter-egos we're not that dissimilar; both world weary, both jaded against homogenic culture and the media-controlled manipulation of the unthinking populace, tired of capitalist propaganda and the feeble manner in which the self-serving masses excuse themselves for their devotion to it...oh yes, and both a bit too mischievous for our own good at times.

    So here's an idea to save us from eternal extradition to the netherworld of American blogger boards...I'll try not to annoy you and keep my opinions to myself (well...those opinions that might clash a bit with yours at any rate...I've got plenty more to crack open on other people's heads) if you refrain from calling me a cunt and my mother a prostitute. (She's 84, for crying out loud. She could barely stand upright in the heels.)

    I'm sure we can co-exist amongst these comments boxes with a bit of effort. Chance for a restart? The dawn of a new co-operative era?

    Andrew...grab a bit of paper and a pen for us, will you? An historic agreement might have been reached here, and your site's playing host to the formalities.

  34. Robert, I do think the Chinese are owed an apology for past mistreatment and the Kanakers. But they really are bits of history and perhaps the war internees, but where do you stop? Clearly the Aborigines have a problem now and I hope the apology helps.