Monday, February 11, 2008

Sculpture and Spirit

I have posted a picture of the Spirit of Tasmania before, but this is a better one. The Spirit sails daily to Devonport, Tasmania daily, departing Station Pier at 8pm and arriving at Devonport at 7am. It is quite a nice tub and you can take your car with you. Extra sailing are scheduled during the warmer months. It is not especially cheap compared to flying, but a relaxing way to travel I imagine.

Did I read the inscription on this sculpture? Maybe, but if I did, it created such an impact that I have totally forgotten what is was about.

My method of judging public art, that is how many people stop and look, indicated that people were indifferent to it. I certainly am.


  1. I'd love to sail away in the blue blue seas...but I prefer flying cos Im scared of sharks :):)


  2. I'm sure that the sculpture is made of marble, but it looks like cement blocks to me.

  3. Think you would be pretty safe in a big boat like this Keshi.

    Special Australian marble Daisy Jo.