Thursday, February 07, 2008

Nice work

I must admit, my local councillor is always very responsive if I send him an email. One hour after sending him an email about the St Kilda Triangle/Palais redevelopment, he replied in brief.

Can I pick up a clear indication of what will happen at tonight's council meeting where there is expected to be upwards of one thousand protesters against the development?

We are considering further drastic cuts to retail, on top of the 35% cut in live music/nightclub patrons, together with improved viewlines and more open space but we're not there yet and it's decision night tonight.

Unchain St Kilda is the action group formed to oppose the development.


  1. Anonymous3:38 pm

    Have you heard about the plans to locate a gay and lesbian cultural centre at the triangle? Its pretty exciting, they are working with the Pride march crew to kake it happen. They are lloking at a G&L archive, museum, performance organisation - that sort of thing.

  2. Andrew, I don't know what I'm going to do if they touch the Palais. There should be a nice big place in hell for most developers.

  3. It's the second stage of latte invasion: money vs money.

    Marvellous. I love it.

    Serial commenter.

  4. I had not heard that Anon. I am very impressed and it is sorely needed, but this development will be around for longer than I will.

    I reckon the Palais is safe LiD but it would be nice to have it restored. As for the rest, grass and a few trees with a sustainable water supply would be fine with me.

    You are partly correct Robert. Education, ability to use the media and to organise does mostly come from moneyed people.

  5. There's a stage where incumbent gentrifiers want to pull the anchor up and say "no more". But plenty more want to crowd in, and so there's plenty of capitalist dog developers willing to smash the place up to fit them. The whole thing makes me laugh, it's all about money, the loudest squeal comes from shopkeepers faced with competition from new developments, as in this case.

  6. interesting to know.