Sunday, February 24, 2008

My Lord, the hair, sieve your plate

Dear Lord,

Is it Sunday that you do favours? I asked someone today if they were going to church, half tongue in cheek, but the answer did not surprise me. I am going to Chapel at Cabrini Hospital he replied.

So Lord, on this day of favours, can you please stop putting the nourishment I put into my body with productive hair growth in my nose, in my ears, on my face, on my chest, on my stomach, the brows, the rear and the accoutrements. It is a bit pointless as I shave/cut/wax/pluck it off. That single one that grows from my shoulder and the other that grows from bicep (used advisedly) are downright silly. As soon as they appear, I get rid of them.

I don't mind if you put you put some extra hair on my head but better still, make the food energy intake into brain power and then I will only write sensible blog posts about current affairs, politics, living in a highrise building and history.

Ta in advance Boss.


  1. Pfft to sensible blog posts !

  2. Andrew,

    I'll see what I can do, but I'm a bit busy at the moment with all George's Bush's demands.

  3. Don't be praying to St.Follicle of The Depilations - look what happened to Matt Lucas!

  4. I might get boring, or more so Jayne.

    Save yourself the trouble Brian. Even the lord can't do the impossible.

    Like it Dysthymiac.

  5. hairy hairy interesting post Andrew!


  6. I've gleefully plucked three hairs off the end of my man's nose for 11 years now, and recently they have multiplied to six!

    Each pluck makes him sneeze and complain loudly. I love it!

    I call him my 'hairy nosed wombat'.

  7. Such useless stuff Keshi.

    Hi Blisshill and welcome. Your man is going to be in trouble when your eyesight starts to go.

  8. Once a week is no good for me, it must be a daily pluck.

  9. What for Jah Teh, who is going to see it? A question I often ask myself.

  10. I ran into a little old lady the other day who had a 5 cent sized tuft of white hair growing on her chin and it was looooong. She could have hung Christmas baubles on it. One's chinnychinchin is going to stay smooth.

  11. Got sick of having to shave each morning and running late for kindergarten, hence my Esau eminence gris beard to jahteh's Jacobly smooth chinnychinchin. (And she never did get to kinder on time. More fruit and milk and chocolate ripple cake for everyone else.)

    "I ran into a little old lady the other day ..."

    How many ambulances were required and will she ever play the pianola again?

    OUCH! OUCH! Not the face Coppertop!