Thursday, February 28, 2008

Lock 'er up

Six thousand dollars in parking fines. Wow! This is not a person who came back one minute late to a meter. She is not a person who forgot the time when having a nice lunch. She is not someone who could not decipher the parking restriction sign.

Someone who accumulates this much in parking fines is clearly flagrantly disregarding the laws. She is not thinking of her fellow motorists. It indicates extreme selfishness and an arrogance bordering on mental illness. It is not like Carey couldn't afford to pay her fines but I think she ought to have been able to pay them herself anyway. I bet most of the offences were committed in my local council area. Pay up!

Lock her up for six months and see if she comes out a bit more thoughtful and a bit of basic respect for our laws.

From The Age.

THE woman at the heart of Wayne Carey's wild world — his girlfriend Kate Neilson — now faces her own court case in Melbourne.

As criminal charges loom against the disgraced former AFL superstar, Neilson is listed to appear later this week as a defendant.

The 26-year-old model, who was filmed last week drinking champagne with Carey in Thailand, has been charged with breaching a court order. She was ordered last year to do 100 hours of unpaid community work to clear unpaid fines of almost $6000.

Last April a magistrate heard 75 charges against her in an infringement court for the outstanding fines — mostly for parking infringements — totalling $5794.

Barrister Robert McCloskey appeared for her in the Melbourne Magistrates Court in July when Deputy Chief Magistrate Dan Muling converted the fines into unpaid community work.

Neilson, of Port Melbourne, was ordered to do 100 hours of work in default of paying the amount under a community-based disposition.

But she has now been charged by Corrections Victoria with one count of breaching Mr Muling's order.

The charge is listed this Friday for a mention hearing at the Melbourne Magistrates Court. If Neilson is found guilty, the fines may be reinstated with a possible jail term in default of payment.


  1. I say go one step further: lock up the Age reporter responsible for such useless, non-newsworthy drivel.

  2. This person who, despite (allegedly) having her face rearranged, courtesy of a Waaaayne drinking vessel and (allegedly) copping the odd forceful (more in anger than in sorrow) *love tap* and who (allegedly) still breaks bread and beds with that (alleged) neanderthal would know her (alleged) a*se from her (alleged) elbow let alone know what polysyllabic words like "community-based disposition" mean??!!

    Lock her up for her own (alleged) good.

  3. What an arrogant preson she is, if that was me, I'd surely have to go to jail or something.

  4. She should have taken the tram.

  5. Aw Reuben, I am a gossip queen from way back. I just never pay for gossip.

    Does your lordly status allow you to make a decree? People like her just float through life. Sometimes they come a cropper, but sometimes not.

    Yep Cazzie, as a family person and an honest worker, you would surely go to gaol.

  6. I would guess that she would sneer at public transport use Brian.