Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Kylie and Olivier

As I recently wrote on Mercboi's blog, I refuse to apologise for liking Kylie. In spite of Mr Martinez rooting around, so to speak, they are back together and have plans, including perhaps a little Kylie or Olivier. True love is hard work and never perfect, but I am happy that she is giving a good shot with someone she cares very deeply for.

Good on ya Coils.


  1. Why should anyone apologise for liking Kylie?

  2. I cannot agree more Andrew. I just read about it in the paper...good or them

  3. Non Blondie, among the elite gay strata and the gay hip types, Kylie is very uncool.

    True love maybe Cazzie?

  4. Ah yes, I guess everybody assumes gay guys love Kylie. Although, I'm more of an indie music hipster (I reluctantly admit), and I love Kyles!

  5. Just watched her show tonight and she should do comedy more. "Bouncer? Is that you? hic"
    Loved the show and always got a soft spot for her.

  6. Those who don't like her Non Blondie, do so with such passion and sneering.

    Yes, saw it Jayne. She is quite amusing.

  7. WTF I LOVE KYLIE! SHE ROCKS! No one disses her in my presence!

    I hope she gets to hv a baby with him...for all the hard work, music and fun she's given millions of her fans out there, she now deserves a miracle in return.

    Cmon ppl love one another and be happy for others!