Sunday, February 03, 2008


I do keep an open mind when reading and listening to the media, but the more I hear, the more Wayne Carey sounds like a nasty piece of work.

Other footballer Ben Cousins never did anyone harm, but yeah he could have when driving. Cricketer Shane Warne probably hurt his wife deeply and could be described as a sex maniac, but he never got busy with his fists.

But Mr Carey is another case altogether. I detest violence, against animals or humans. Here is a salient clip from The Age.

It is one thing to be a "larrikin", as a compulsive philanderer like Shane Warne could at best be painted, or a drug-taking party boy like Cousins, but a wife-beater is quite another.


  1. I so agree witht he clip for once, hurting anyone else is just not on at all. I never did like Carey.

  2. He is not winning any popularity polls at the moment Cazzie.

  3. totally agree!

    Carey can go to hell.


  4. Anonymous1:53 pm

    Lets just hope the Americans do the right thing and lock him up for 5 years - then hopefully hill will get a bit of what he has been dishing out.

  5. Anonymous4:20 pm

    Andrew, you're giving him media space. If you let the unintelligent, irrelevant and useless bag of scum rot in a pile of inconspicuousness...then we are doing the world a favour.

  6. He's a piece of work I've never liked.

  7. He seems like such a nasty bastard, seriously. I've never heard a good thing in the media or otherwise.

    PS: Have a look at Colette Dinnigan Bebe for Jo, or Shop Til You Drop for kids. So cute!

  8. Corey now Carey. What is it with these dumb C's?

  9. Clearly put Keshi.

    Quite correct Anon, but I don't believer that all publicity is good.

    Fine judge of character Jayne.

    Thanks Rosanna. You don't like him either then.

    You are in form of late M'lord.

  10. I felt that his non-apology at the time of his 1996 sexual assault conviction (grabbed a woman's breast outside a nightclub. She was walking past on her way to work) "If I've offended anyone..." spoke volumes for a born-to-rule mentality.

    There were plenty who were prepared to absolve him then, many inexplicably so: "Well, he's probably had a few women grab hold of him and he didn't call the cops..."