Friday, February 01, 2008

Hotrodding at the REB

This is a lousy picture of our most beautiful Royal Exhibition Buildings. Really though, I prefer the appearance more from the southern side. This is the eastern and main entrance.

Construction was completed in 1880 and soon after it held Melbourne's first International Exhibition. I doubt they would have envisaged it hosting a display of hotrods.

A bit of trivia for you. Around the building are three small lakes. Their intended purpose was for fire fighting should the bugger catch alight.

It also hosted the opening of Commonwealth of Australia's first parliament.

In 2004, it became the first Australian building to receive World Heritage listing.

And just coz I can, aren't these cars that were on display outside the building gorgeous.

I thought you might think I am bit butch because I am posting car pictures, but then I have spoilt it with gorgeous haven't I. Of course there were some Aussie cars there too, but these Yank Tanks (we use that in an affectionate way DJ)are just so so big and stylish.


  1. Sweetheart, that last car is so hot I'd do you in it. Nothing butch about that!

  2. First laugh out loud for the day and it is 1230 already. :)

  3. Nice to see Melbs has at least one nice building :P

    *runs away*

  4. A guy came to the drive in with his family last week with one of those yank tanks and it sure was spectacular to say the least.

  5. Yuuuuum :) The middle pic, green cra, has a twin (different colours) driving around near here...I need a bib for drooling as it goes past *sigh*

    The Exhibition Building also had underground lakes for heating, not sure if the existing ones are remnants of these, and large temporary extention-type wings.
    Again, Yuuuum!

  6. DaisyJo, it's a gay car. Look at all those reflective surfaces for fixing a boi's hair.

  7. Made of bluestone Steph, not sandstone that washes away. Has MacQuarie St been washed into the harbour yet?

    Perfect setting for one Cazzie.

    They knew what colours worked back then Jayne. No knowledge of the heating lakes. Must find out more.

    Cheap shot Jah Teh. But sometimes gay bois don't want to be remembered by having a distinctive car.

  8. Nah Jah Teh, the chrome is typical. The yellow interior, on the other hand, not so much.