Saturday, February 02, 2008

Fitzroy Post Office

Melbourne used to have very grand inner city Post Offices. Post Offices were serious places. They were not places for levity. You were dealing with Post Master General's department, PMG, or Pigs Meat and Gravy as we used to call it. They even continued into the Australia Post days, when the telephone section of the PMG was separated and became Telecom. But gradually they were all sold off and turned to other uses. Now we have Post Shops, where it is much less formal, the staff are more friendly and you can perhaps buy a box of blank dvds, a soft toy for the kiddie and a doorbell.

No surprise I guess, but delivery standards are not what they were back in the days of serious Post Offices. Below is the Fitzroy Post Office at the corner of Fitzroy Street and Johnston Street. A building likes this gives you confidence when you slip a letter into the post box. No posting of letters to France there anymore though. You can buy a very expensive bread toaster if you care to.


  1. LOL I remember the Pigs Meat and Gravy!
    Pfft Post Shops = "stick an elephant stamp on your letter it will have as much luck reaching its destination before you turn 101"
    I hear carrier pigeons are coming into their own again ;)

  2. Andrew my Grandfather worked for P.M.G He was a Linesman.. Based at Port Melbourne.... Memories

  3. And you probably read this on Daniel's blog Jayne.

    Amusing stuff on the radio recently Robyn. The rorts of workers in the old days. I think PMG came first, closely followed by MMBW. Better spell it out in case you really are as young as you say you are. Melbourne and Metropolitan Board of Works. :-P

  4. HAHAHA... Andrew not as young to remeber MMBW I remember my parents abusing them, cos they wouldnt give them a permit for an extension... Funny my dad told the guy at the counter come out and inspect the work that was done to the main in the street, it floods everytime there is a storm... That shut him up hehehe